#CardiBInAccra : "Meet & Greet Was Not In My Contract" - Cardi B


#CardiBInAccra : "Meet & Greet Was Not In My Contract" - Cardi B

#CardiBInAccra : "Meet & Greet Was Not In My Contract" - Cardi B

Dominican Rapper - Cardi B

While Ghanaian celebrities were angry yesterday, the 8th of September for not being as honored as they believed they should've been by American star, Cardi B, the 'Bodak Yellow' singer has come to state why the situation turned out the way it did.

According to Cardi B, having a 'Meet and greet' was not in her contract for Ghana but even at that, she still showed up because she revealed she wouldn't want to ignore her fans or anyone that way.

Reacting to the trend online started by some Ghanaian celebrities, Cardi B apologize but also informed them that she didn't ignore them intentionally, she didn't just sign a contract that involves a 'meet and greet'.

She said;

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First thing first right, I asked my booking agent 'do I have a meet and greet today?' he said 'No!', so ho ho! A 'meet and greet' wasn't in my contract right? I didn't know I had a ... meet and greet today, I know I had one in Nigeria and I was on time for that ... I didn't know I had one today. When I woke up, I went downstairs at about 3pm  to soak up some sun in the pool and my stomach started hurting, that ... was around like 3pm, then I woke up, and I see this rage going on on ...social media and everybody was like you gotta do a meet and greet and I see that there were a lot of my fans in the meet and greet and I was like you know what, I don't care if the 'meet and greet' was not on my contract, I'm going downstairs. And then I guess a lot of artistes were upset because they got invited to a meet and greet and I wasn't there. And for that I apologize but then again that wasn't my fault, because it wasn't me that did that. However, let me tell you about this right, let me tell you about this I don't like, because I saw a couple of females that are supposed to be artiste from here and I didn't know that, but let me tell you something. When I was around the pool, around 3pm, which was the time that the meet and greet was going on, and the same girls that were talking sh*t about me, y'all saw me around the pool...

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