Candy Bleakz offers advice on dealing with Portable


Nigerian musician Candy Bleakz has shared her thoughts on how to navigate a relationship with label boss Portable, likening him to a "devil" who expects something in return for his support.

While in a recent appearance on Nedu Wazobia's podcast, "The Honest Bunch," Bleakz offered her insights on dealing with Portable. She stated that anyone who works with him should be prepared to give something in exchange for what they receive.

Also, Candy Bleakz revealed that Portable is known for taking to social media to express his feelings and frustrations. This is a trait that has led to controversy in the past. However, her comments come after she sparked debate earlier by stating that she receives more support from male artists than females in the industry.

Meanwhile, Bleakz's candid remarks have sparked a lively discussion on social media. Lastly, many weighed in on her views on Portable and the music industry at large.

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