Burna Boy throws epic shade at Davido's fan amidst Grammy criticism


Nigerian music star, Burna Boy has once again taken social media by storm as he throws a monumental shade at fellow musician, Davido amidst a fan's criticism.

The incident unfolded when a fan, identified as a member of Davido's fanbase, known as "30 BG," targeted Burna Boy with a disparaging comment regarding his Grammy nominations.

The exchange occurred on popular social media platform, X today, Monday, February 12, 2024, where the user, under the handle "Timeless," launched an unprovoked attack on Burna Boy, labeling him an "ode" and mocking his failure to secure wins in four Grammy nominations. The user clearly pledged his allegiance to Davido by featuring his image as his display picture at the time of this exchange.

However, rather than engaging in a heated confrontation, Burna Boy opted for a tactful response, flipping the narrative and redirecting the spotlight onto the user's display picture. In a move that showcased his wit and composure, Burna Boy retorted, highlighting the irony embedded in the user's choice of profile image.

The exchange swiftly gained traction online, with fans and onlookers lauding Burna Boy's clever comeback. This incident once again showcases the competitive dynamics within the Nigerian music industry and the fervent loyalty exhibited by fans of prominent artists like Burna Boy and Davido.

As Burna Boy continues to solidify his status as a global music icon, his ability to navigate online confrontations with grace and humor further cements his reputation as a force to be reckoned with both on and off the stage.

Burna Boy