Burna Boy embroiled in songwriter controversy amidst denials


Grammy-winning Nigerian artist Burna Boy is at the center of a controversy surrounding the use of songwriters, with fans calling him out for denying previous admissions.

The drama began when Logos Olori, a signee of Davido's, mentioned Burna Boy and others as examples of artists who employ songwriters due to their busy schedules and industry demands.

Following this, Burna Boy reacted on his X handle. He claimed that those credited as songwriters on his songs are actually producers, citing Western music policies. However, fans have uncovered evidence contradicting his statement. This includes a past admission where he credited Peruzzi, a songwriter, for writing a song for him. Social media influencer, Daniel Regha shared a screenshot of Burna Boy's 2020 tweet, where he gave credit to Peruzzi as a songwriter.

Additionally, Regha called out Burna Boy's recent denial. He stated, "Burna this was you in 2020 giving credit to Peruzzi as a songwriter, but all of a sudden nobody writes for you? For the record, no one gets songwriting credit unless they co-wrote or contributed to writing the song, so your statement isn't valid..."

Also, the controversy has sparked a wider conversation about the role of songwriters and producers in the music industry. While some defended Burna Boy's stance, others criticized his lack of transparency.

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