Boston City Council declares March 2 as 'Burna Boy Day'


Boston, Massachusetts, United States, has officially designated March 2 as "Burna Boy Day" in recognition of the outstanding contributions and achievements of the renowned Nigerian artist, Burna Boy.

The proclamation was formalized through a Boston City Council paper signed by Councillor Ruthzee Louijeune. In the document, Burna Boy is commended for his exceptional performances and impactful advocacy efforts, which have resonated not only within the music industry but also in advocating for social change and cultural diversity.

The official document further highlights Boston's commitment to celebrating culture and diversity, emphasizing the city's vibrant multicultural landscape through various cultural events, festivals, and community initiatives.

Quoting from the resolution, it states, "Burna Boy’s legacy serves as a reminder of possibility, reminding us to continue amplifying voices that have long been silenced or overlooked." The resolution concludes by officially designating March 2, 2024, as Burna Boy Day in the City of Boston.

This honor bestowed upon Burna Boy showcases the global impact of his music and his unwavering commitment to using his platform to advocate for social justice and cultural appreciation.

As Boston prepares to celebrate Burna Boy Day, it serves as evidence of the power of music in bridging cultures and inspiring positive change, while also highlighting the city's dedication to recognizing and honoring influential figures from around the world.