BNXN urges artists to use streaming platforms


Talented Nigerian singer, Daniel Benson, better known as BNXN has sparked reactions with his recent advice to fellow artists.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Ascent Tunes, the singer suggested that artists should not rely solely on record labels for success.

BNXN emphasized the potential of streaming platforms, urging artists to leverage them to their advantage. He explained that independent artists can earn substantial revenues from major platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. Citing his own earnings, he revealed that one million streams on Apple Music can yield $7,500, while the same number on Spotify can bring in $5,500.

The Finesse crooner stressed the importance of financial backing for creative ideas to flourish. He proposed the establishment of an "artist bank" where talented individuals could present their ideas. The bank, he suggested, would evaluate the potential of these ideas and provide loans to artists, enabling them to expedite their creative projects.