BNXN throws super shade at unknown music label


Popular Nigerian Afrobeat artist BNXN sent shockwaves through social media today with a fiery message directed at an unnamed music label.

Surprisingly, in a post that he made at 1:00 PM WAT, BNXN unleashed a verbal tirade. He was calling for the label's entire staff to be "blended together" and criticizing the musicians they represent.

The severity of BNXN's comments has left fans and industry insiders alike scrambling to understand the source of his anger. The post reads: "Put everyone in that label in a blender and blend them together. They could never. INFACT ask them. Shallow musicians with no real experiences to sing about that's why they NEED that."

While BNXN doesn't explicitly name the label, his strong language suggests a deep-seated frustration. Some speculate the outburst might to a recent rejection or a personal conflict with someone in the label.

This is the tweet here;