Blood Civilian's unique rate card sparks debate


Nigerian singer, Emoseh Khamofu, better known as Blood Civilian, has sparked a debate after unveiling her unconventional rate card for appearing as a video vixen.

The Head Start singer, praised for her electrifying performance in a recent music video, took to social media on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, to share her list of demands, which has garnered both applause and curiosity.

Blood Civilian’s rate card is divided into five categories: dancing, smiling, speaking roles, touching, and crying. Notably, the list does not include any monetary charges. Instead, the singer has requested specific food items, including pepper soup and fresh cow milk from a calf aged between two to four years.

For any physical contact during the video shoot, Blood Civilian, who recently received a shout-out from Wizkid, has stipulated a non-negotiable demand of ten plates of asun rice. This unique approach to compensation has ignited conversations about creativity and value in the entertainment industry.