Bella Shmurda gets spiritual with new tattoo


Nigerian singer Bella Shmurda has taken to social media to showcase his latest piece of body art – a tattoo depicting a pair of hands clasped in prayer, accompanied by the inscription "no lacking."

The exact meaning behind the tattoo remains undisclosed by Bella Shmurda himself, but fans are already buzzing with interpretations. Some speculate it signifies his gratitude for blessings and a rejection of negativity, while others see it as a symbol of faith and a prayer for continued success.

This isn't the first time a fan's dedication to Bella Shmurda has made headlines. Recently, a fan went viral for getting a tattoo of the singer's face on their arm, sparking humorous reactions online. However, Bella Shmurda's new tattoo reflects a more personal and spiritual side to the artist.

Whether a declaration of faith or a reminder to stay positive, Bella Shmurda's new ink has certainly sparked conversation and showcases a deeper dimension to the Afrobeats star.