Bella Shmurda drops cryptic new year's day message


Nigerian singer, Bella Shmurda has posted a confusing New Year message, suggesting that there are still problems from the past that he doesn't want to forget easily.

In a post on his X page, on Monday, January 1, 2024, he said he won't just say Happy New Year and forget about the past problems. He mentioned that some things are still bothering him, saying, "Don’t happy new yourself back to clean slate! I still get u for mind…bygones is not bygones,"

This intriguing revelation emerged nearly three hours following Naira Marley's cheerful New Year message, which featured a heartwarming video of his twin daughters.

The timing and tone of Bella Shmurda's tweet raised eyebrows and suggest the existence of lingering tensions or unresolved matters within the music industry.

The post-New Year message dynamics between these artists continue to unfold, leaving fans and the industry curious about the nature of any potential conflicts or disagreements.