Basketmouth subtly shades Wizkid over tweets


Nigerian comedian Basketmouth has sparked a playful social media frenzy with a recent jab directed at Wizkid. 

In an Instagram story, Basket Mouth commented on the dominance of Davido's wedding on social media, jokingly suggesting that even throwing shade, a reference to past tweets by Wizkid, wouldn't be enough to compete for attention.

The full caption, which uses playful misspellings for emphasis, reads: "Davido’s wedding has taken over the social media space except you want us to start using #chivido2024 to promote the show. Which I don't think will work. Because even Wizkid Wey throw shade, nobody send am.”

Basket Mouth's lighthearted comment has ignited a wave of reactions online. Fans are taking sides in a playful manner,with some finding humor in the jab and others defending Wizkid.

The exchange has brought a comedic touch to the social media buzz surrounding Davido's wedding.