Banky W Becomes An Ambassador For Pink Oak Trust


Nigerian singer and filmmaker, Banky W, has disclosed that he is now a brand ambassador for a Cancer foundation, Pink Oak Trust, a cancer foundation that aims to help people suffering from cancer through donations.

This information was released via his Instagram account where the singer expressed his excitement to be part of a cause he has personal experience from.

November last year, the singer revealed how he battled with skin cancer tumour and thankfully survived the surgery and with an understanding that not everyone has the chance he had, he was happy to jump on this cause and be a part of it, not just as an ambassador to help spread the word, but also as a financial donor to see the foundation grow and give other cancer patients the chance to fight for their lives.

On his Instagram account, the R&B singer wrote;

Today, I signed on as the Ambassador for @pinkoaktrust because I feel like this is one more way that God can use me to provide hope and help to those in need. Pink Oak's mission is to raise as much money as possible, to pay for the treatment of as many Cancer Patients in Nigeria as possible. I'm not only donating my time, talents, image and platform to raise awareness... I'm also contributing my personal finances.

Many people know about my own battles with Cancer. I'm forever grateful to God that I am alive and well, and that I was able to fund the treatment I needed. Unfortunately, over 90,000 Nigerians die every year due to cancer... simply because they can't AFFORD to fight. Treatment is expensive and so many people die because they're just unable to pay for surgery/pills/chemo/etc. That has to change. And the more of us that contribute, the better. It would be great if one person donated 100 mill. But it would be just as great (and even more powerful) if 1 million people gave 100 Naira each.

Please join us and by God's grace, we will be successful in our War Against Cancer. Pls donate by going to and pls spread the word. I have, you should too.
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