Ayra Starr teases fans with insights into her upcoming album


Afrobeat sensation Ayra Starr has shared insights into what fans can expect from her upcoming album.

Ayra Starr became one of afrobeats leading ladies very quickly. Her hot single Rush surpassed a hundred million views on YouTube making her the youngest African woman to achieve this feat. Her second album drops in two months and she shares some insight into what it entails in an interview with Capital XTRA.

Describing her sophomore album as a more mature iteration compared to her debut 19 and Dangerous, Ayra, aged 21, emphasized that while her songs are rooted in personal experiences, they appeal to listeners of all ages.

"It's very evolved. It's just me talking about the journey of being a 21-year-old and how 21 is just a state of mind. I want everybody that listens to it no matter your age to feel 21", she expressed.

The superstar also spoke about her latest single, Commas. She said "Commas is that song. I love commas so much. It was inspired by my birthday in Barbados. I made it a week later with my friend. Commas is just a very positive song, very high vibrational and you can just hear it. I am not sick of my own song. I listen to it every day and it just transcends you in a new world. The world is a very dark place right now and we just need that escape. Commas is that song".

Additionally, she announced the imminent release of a new single, coinciding with her participation in Chris Brown's '11:11' tour commencing in April. Anticipating the tour, Ayra Starr is enthusiastic about showcasing her talent to American audiences.

Joining Chris Brown on his tour, Ayra Starr will be accompanied by American R&B sensation Muni Long as a special guest. Expressing admiration for Long's artistry, Ayra Starr spoke fondly of the collaboration opportunity.