Ayra Starr speaks on relationship status, hope for love


Afrobeat singer, Ayra Starr has shared insights into her current relationship status and her optimistic outlook on finding love.

During an engaging interview with Angela Yee that surfaced online on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, the 21-year-old star disclosed that she is currently single but remains hopeful about discovering love in the near future.

When questioned about her romantic journey, Ayra Starr candidly admitted that she is not currently in love yet expressed a genuine desire for a romantic connection in due time.

The Commas singer further revealed that while she has unintentionally caused heartbreaks in the past, it was never her intention to hurt anyone. She expressed regret for any pain she may have caused and reassured that any instances of heartbreak were not deliberate.

"I am not in love yet but [I will be] soon. I have broken a few hearts. Not on purpose, though. In case I’ve broken anybody’s heart, it has not been on purpose," Ayra Starr affirmed during the interview.