Ayra Starr serenades mother in new video, spark reactions


Nigerian pop star Ayra Starr is melting hearts with a new video showcasing her close bond with her mother.

This is after the success of her sophomore album, which featured her mother's voice at the beginning of a track. Ayra Starr fuels the flames of online buzz about their heartwarming relationship.

Known for her mother's celebratory social media videos, fans were ecstatic to see the tables turned. The video shows Ayra Starr performing an exclusive rendition of her single Rhythm and Blues for her beaming mother.

The internet is overflowing with love for the video. Fans are gushing over the display of affection, with some commenting "I'm in love with Ayra Starr's mom" and others simply praising the beauty and pure joy radiating from the clip.

This heartwarming moment comes after Ayra Starr included her mother's voice in her latest album, a subtle yet powerful tribute to the unwavering support she receives at home.