Here is why comedian AY issued a public apology to Davido


Comedian Ayo Makun has issued a public apology to Davido for a joke he made about women getting pregnant for the singer at a public event in Warri.

Popular comedian and actor Ayo Makun, who is popularly known as AY, took to his social media platform today, Sunday, October 8, 2023, to issue a public apology to the award-winning singer and performer Davido following his recent oke about women getting pregnant for the singer at a recent show in Warri.

AY had cracked a joke when he was introduced as a guest artist at an event in Warri, Delta state, with David's viral hit song Unavailable, stating that if the singer was not available and women were being impregnated in such numbers, what would actually happen if the singer was available?

The words said by the comedian at the event are believed to have been developed after the 30 BG boss was called out by various women on social media in the middle of the year for allegedly getting them pregnant while he was married to his wife Chioma.

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AY, in his apology, acknowledged that making such a joke should not have happened and that he apologises to Davido as no harm was intended. His reply on social media read, "I am so sorry for telling that joke the way it came out in Warri. I shouldn't even call it a joke anymore. It wasn't funny like it was during my tour of US and Canada, and you have every right to be angry after seeing how the blogs used it. Please know that it is always a learning experience for all of us in the entertainment business. I deserve any backlash or negative thoughts coming my way for the joke that was badly delivered in Warri. So, no excuses at all, my Aburo. No reason am. I remain your number one fan, and I love you, @davido."

This apology attracted a direct response from the singer himself as he took to the comment section to share his thoughts, which read, "Nothing spoil baba mi."

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