Alex Iwobi clears Instagram amidst intense criticism after AFCON loss


Nigerian Super Eagles player, Alexander Iwobi, has responded after facing intense criticism following Nigeria's loss in the AFCON finals.

The distraught footballer took a drastic step by clearing his Instagram posts on Monday, February 12, 2024, initially leaving only one promotional post for his brand but eventually clearing that as well.

Iwobi's action came in the wake of relentless trolling by Nigerians who blamed him for the team's defeat against Ivory Coast. Disheartened by the online harassment, Iwobi opted to wipe his Instagram feed clean, keeping only a solitary promotional post and disabling comments on his remaining post.

As the nephew of the iconic Nigerian footballer, Jay Jay Okocha, expectations were high for Iwobi to emulate his uncle's stellar performances. However, his perceived subpar performance in the AFCON finals drew the attention of fans, leading to widespread online ridicule.

The decision to purge his Instagram account elicited a flurry of reactions from fans, further highlighting the intense scrutiny and pressure faced by athletes in the age of social media.

Alex Iwobi