Africans Drag Recording Academy (Grammys) Over Afrobeats Post | SEE


Africans Drag Recording Academy (Grammys) Over Afrobeats Post | SEE

Africans are taking turns calling out the global outfit over their recent article on Afrobeats.

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The Recording Academy is receiving a lot of heat from angry Africans after its misinformative post about what Afrobeats represents.

The academy, which is responsible for the Grammy Awards, arguably the biggest platform that awards artistic excellence on a global scale, is currently under fire after it put out an article on Afrobeats.

Recall that a detailed Netflix documentary on the origin of Afrobeats titled "Afrobeats Backstory" was recently released, written and told by Africans who partook in the building and spreading of the genre, which negates the Recording Academy's article.

The Recording academy on July 27th, 2022, posted the article that regarded Afrobeats as a "blend of West African and Black American music", a post that triggered a lot of music lovers (especially Africans) due to the misinformation.

After getting a lot of backlash from Afrobeats lovers and scholars, the academy decided to correct its headline by removing the "blend of Black American music". However, they retained their former tweet instead of deleting it, an act that still pissed off a lot of Africans.

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Also, the said article classified Amapiano as a sub-genre of Afrobeats, another misinformation that triggered a lot of Africans' response, especially South-Africans, where the genre originated from.

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