Adekunle Gold shows support by visiting hospitalized colleague, Khaid


Talented Nigerian artist, Adekunle Gold, has demonstrated compassion and support by visiting his junior colleague, Khaid, who was hospitalized last month due to internal bleeding.

Khaid's hospitalization gained attention through a viral video showing him in distress on a hospital bed while receiving medical care. Recently, a new video posted by Carter Efe revealed Khaid using crutches with assistance, indicating an improvement in his condition.

Despite recent online feuds, particularly with Samklef regarding issues involving his wife, Simi, Adekunle Gold expressed his support by visiting Khaid in the hospital on Wednesday, May 8, 2024. The singer was photographed beside Khaid's bedside, offering words of encouragement.

Initially met with skepticism by some who doubted the severity of Khaid's condition, labeling it as a publicity stunt, Adekunle Gold's visit has prompted a change of perspective for many, validating the seriousness of Khaid's situation.