Adekunle Gold reveals the song he regrets making


Nigerian music sensation, Adekunle Gold has offered a rare glimpse into the emotional side of music-making, revealing a regret in his career that has surprised many fans.

The Orente crooner responded candidly to a fan's question on social media on Sunday, May 26, 2024, about whether there were any of his songs that he regretted making. In an unexpected revelation, Adekunle Gold acknowledged that he feels apologetic about one of his tracks, specifically citing Ready.

Ready, which was part of his debut album Gold released in 2016, was an attempt to replicate the success of his hit song Pick Up. However, the singer admitted that the song did not meet his expectations and has haunted him ever since.

In a recent interaction, Adekunle Gold disclosed that he avoids performing Ready at shows due to this disappointment. He emphasized to his fans the importance of allowing him to create music in his unique style, describing his work as "one of one and timeless."