“6 years in this show, I didn't spend $1 out of my 'Power' contract” - Rotimi


“6 years in this show, I didn't spend $1 out of my 'Power' contract” - Rotimi

Nigerian-American actor, singer and model, Olurotimi Akinoso who played the character “Andre Coleman” in the award-winning series “Power” for 6 seasons disclosed he didn't spend a penny from his contract.

Olurotimi Akinosho

During his interview which he posted on his Instagram on the 3rd of October, Rotimi said that he believes in 20 percent talent and 80% business and marketing. He went further to explain that he took his dad challenge on not spending a dime from his power proceedings. In his words:

When I got my power contract, my dad said... He looked me in my eye in the kitchen and said, do you believe you are a star? I said yeah, he said prove it to me, I don't want you to spend $1 of your power contract, however how long this contract is. I don't want you spend $1 out of it. I want you to make money in your endorsements, your music and everything else, but you may make some millions in this but do not touch this. I want to see, can you do that? I said yeah. 


Rotimi believes that he is fortunate to learn discipline and learned how to say no to things he didn't want. 

The first purchase I did with my money was buy myself a house.

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He enthusiastically exclaimed that he enjoyed investing that money back on himself.

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