Official 'What Happened To Virgil' Lyrics By Lil Durk Ft Gunna

Lil Durk And Gunna Lyrics

Here is the most accurate lyrics to 'What Happened To Virgil' by Lil Durk, featuring Gunna. The Chopsquad DJ-produced song was released on March 11th as the ninth song on Lil Durk's new album, 7220.

Official What Happened To Virgil Lyrics By Lil Durk Ft Gunna
Lil Durk And Gunna

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Lil Durk & Gunna - What Happened To Virgil Lyrics

Intro: King Von
Oh yeah, I'm finna make a banger with this one

Chorus: Lil Durk
Last time you told me you proud of me
You wasn't proud of me, you was the nigga who doubted me
I was too mad at you, you love to come kill
You my brother, that shit was a tragedy
But magically, I got the strategy
I was so sick and tired of niggas keep asking me
"Who was the killers between the hood?"
Bro I'm a king, that mean we good (DJ on the beat so it's a banger)

Verse 1: Lil Durk
Talked to my TT about my problems
Learned to survive, I carry my choppa
Before I was twelve, I went to the doctor
Fucked on a stripper and I took me a Roxy
How you my blood and you say you gon' pop me?
Follow with loyalty, never 'bout thotties
Don't mention my name if you mention them bodies
Don't mention my name if you mention them bodies
"Stop taking drugs after sending a song"
How you gon' blame me? Y'all give him cabaña
Bitch I'm a star, gotta use condom
Don't drink Par, only like Wocka'
Sipping on Wocka, I feel like I'm Flocka
Shit in my parker, that shit'll go blocka'
Say that I'm mean, what you mean? I caught you
Get away from her, have speed, no tossing
Called you a bitch, I'm sorry I lost you
Head down, X pill, Percocet, off it
Bitch my phone died, pass me a charger
Ain't have a coat, walked to school in a thermal
Bitches you looking up to, they'll burn you
Get out my business, that shit don't concern you
I get to digging this shit when I learn you
I love the trenches, this shit is eternal
Oh my God, what happened to Virgil?
I wish my brother had made it out surgery
I be up thinking, that shit do be hurting me
If they gon' catch me, them niggas gon' murder me (Oh no, oh)
Gave my bro twenty, he called for a burglary
I love the bitches who say they ain't hurting me
Never seen blood, that shit'll turn burgundy

Bridge: Lil Durk
Oh my God, what happened to Virgil?
Oh my God, what happened to Virgil?

Verse 2: Gunna
Fresh like the first day of school, I'm a scholar
Found the solution and got some more problems
We from the sandbox, my dog since a toddler
Sixteen years old when I shed my first chopper
Flew out of Van Nuys, landed in Opa Locka
Quit flying in G5, fly helicopters (Fly helicopters)
I count every blessing and count every dollar
I'm 'bout to go factory plain
I treat all of my dogs the same
Take care all of my bitches the same
I just hope you financially sane
Never turning my back on the gang
From the A, we was taught to be brave
Had to squabble and take a few fades
Stay rock solid, you'll get through the phase
That my nigga, what happened to Virgil?
Talked to God, I don't wanna get murdered
I got style, I don't know what you heard of
You lil' pussy, you soft and fertile
Only rumors throughout my circle
Only rumors throughout my circle, oh
R.I.P. Prince, I'ma pour up some purple
600 Maybach, the one with the curtain
Young GunnaWunna, the boy bought the Birkin
I'm going hard, know you proud of me working
Riding round the town sipping and swerving
Hold it down, do this shit with a purpose
Louis down, man this shit came from Virgil
Oh my God, what happened to Virgil?

Outro: Gunna & Lil Durk
Oh my God, what happened to Virgil?
Oh my God, what happened to Virgil?
Oh my God, what happened to Virgil?

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