9 Things We Learned From Basketmouth On 'Drinks With Killz'


Award-winning comedian and rapper Basketmouth was the guest on 'Drinks With Killz' Episode 5, and he had insightful things to share about himself.

Basketmouth Drinks With Killz

When the name Basketmouth comes to mind, most people often view him in the light of what currently exists on social media and in the papers; the popular figure took time out to share secrets most people did not know about him on the show 'Drinks With Killz'.


Nigerian rapper Ikechukwu Onunaku popularly known as Ikechukwu, kicked off his Youtube interview session, tagged 'Drinks With Killz', and has had several guests like M.I. Abaga, May D and Darey Art Alade. He had Basketmouth on the show, 'Drinks With Killz' and it was a whole new learning experience into how life is and how well he has grown as an individual.

We highlighted key things that we learned from the interview session.

He rediscovered himself in 2005

Killz mentioned that he met Basketmouth when he was a known comedian in 2006; Basketmouth addressed this, indicating that he had actually rebranded to be a comedian in 2005, a year before Killz had met him. Basketmouth acknowledges the fact that he is a rapper, comedian, and actor, and he does not have a definitive definition of himself as an entertainer.

He is an all-rounder who is talented and blessed with the gift of fully understanding whatever he sets his mind towards learning.

He stated;

” Any where you just put me I will just blend in”

He Was A Show Promoter

Basketmouth mentioned that he was a show promoter when he started; he had promoted several shows. His first initiative was 'Laff n Jams' with his friend back in UNIBEN Bayo Adekem. The initiative had been one he had planned on doing back in his university days. Still, it could not execute it because his university, UNIBEN, had been closed then due to a protest in the school.

Basketmouth had nursed the initiative till he collaborated with radio stations like Cool FM and other event promoters to launch the idea in Lagos, and this show continued every Friday for four years.

Myself and Bayo Adekem, we created laff n jams in UNIBEN

His Dad supported his dream

Basketmouth mentioned that his father supported his dream; he mentioned that the day he had a special show in Lagos, he had requested he wears his native attire because he had no clothes to wear for such an event.

His father had actually stumbled on his passion for comedy after a friend of his had mentioned that he had seen Basketmouth on T.V. at an event.

He asked if it was not going tI hope you are not stopping school for that

'Na Poor man mentality to show.'

When asked why he doesn't have a mansion, Basketmouth laughed and replied that there is no need to show wealth. He said the urge to show off wealth on social media could be attributed to the fact that you are not rich in the heart. He referred to Femi Otedola as not showing off his wealth with flashy things and designer clothes. For Basketmouth, wealth doesn't equal success as an individual.

He indicated that wealth and success are often measured by what you have in your heart as an individual.

‘Wealth doesn’t equal to success’

He Learnt A Lot From Sound Sultan

Sound Sultan had played a major role in influencing most of the decisions Basketmouth had made in his craft as an artist. Basketmouth still refers to the Late legend in future tense because of how much he means to him as a friend. He also highlighted that Sound Sultan had been very much aware of his work 'Papa Benji' before it dropped.

Basketmouth on 'Drinks With Killz' mentioned that he often called and shared ideas and made plans as early as 4 am or 5 am with Sound Sultan

‘everything I did sound sultan knew about it’ ‘I wake sound sultan sometimes as early as 5 am’

He Did Free Shows

Basketmouth recounts that he had done several free shows before he finally made a huge break. He mentioned a free initiative event he had attended but did not get paid and did not have any transport to return to Benin.

He had performed at the pre-party to Amen awards.

Shoutouts to Six Foot Plus who gave me 60 naira to go home then

He finally met Plantation Boiz, who had come to an event in Benin, and from there on, they asked him to open for them in Lagos.

This was as far back as in 1999 till he hit a huge break and got to co-host a tour for shows organized by Tequila, the biggest event planners then. He was asked to co-host alongside Julius Agwu in 2001.

So as I came on stage I had just one minute or two minutes to make them laugh.

He Became A Glitch In The Comedy Industry

Basketmouth on 'Drinks With Killz' mentioned the fact that he discovered the vacant space in the comedy business during the early days, and he took it upon himself to fill that vacuum. In his words, he decided to become a glitch in the comedy business and did the direct opposite of what others did, which was what the industry needed at that time.

When I came in I saw an opening.... I looked at the game and saw what was missing..... we needed a glitch and i wanted to be the glitch..... Quickly I just spoilt things.

Ali Baba played a serious role in Basketmouth’s growth

Basketmouth acknowledges that Ali Baba had influenced his growth in the world of comedy, and he had assisted his transition into the Lagos scene as a comedian. For Basketmouth, his focus was not on following the path of others but rather creating a path and making himself what the world of comedy needed, and Ali Baba had helped him with this.

When I came in and I broke into Lagos Ali Baba played a serious role in my growth

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He is working on a new project

Basketmouth discussed what he discovered while working with top artists in Nigeria on his new album. He discovered that artists are always in their comfort zone when working with their sound. He cited the example of Wande Coal the last time they recorded and mentioned that Wande Coal had gone all out with his creativity when the beat that suited his style was played for him.

Basketmouth further mentions that Nigeria has the most talented artists in the world today, and he plans on releasing E.P.s with creative artists.

‘In Nigeria we have some of the best musicians in the world’

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