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Muyeez and TML Vibez Lyrics

Get ready to groove and sing along to the energetic lyrics of Muyeez and TML Vibez' chart-topping hit, Trending. With infectious hooks and catchy melodies, this song is bound to uplift your spirits and make you move to the rhythm.

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Muyeez & TML Vibez - Trending Lyrics

Yo Dibs

Verse 1: TML Vibez
Oh, e be brand new shit
We dey play with their brain on a steady-y
Can't you see? hmm-hun
Sweet life, like e popping G's
Go for the kpa, for the bag
Idan no dey catch feelings
Man no dey catch feeling (Be-be)
Won si n je orin wa
K'omo eru kan ma lo gbe ori wa o
Oh ah, eh ah
Only my money man choosing wah
E no tey, I just come and trend
Make the success no dey for pending
Ah, last night I'm thirsty
But right now, I'm high on Henny

Chorus: TML Vibez & Muyeez
Hun, hmm, hmm, hun-hun-hun
Ke lo wa bi joko
Hun, hmm, hmm, hun-hun-hun
Ke lo wa bi joko (yeah)
Ke lo wa bi joko

Verse 2: Muyeez
Oya, commas, matter confirm
Kayamata, she dey jazz
Make me see Japan, konnichiwa
Jaz, she bad (Bad)
Her body mad o lo far
My lady no fit ever sober
Pass me the dollar from Benzema
Ball me like Kaka (Kaka)
Only you, I wan dey pamper (Pamper)
Spend the money, mi o kala
I dey find money, and you dey here with data
Hmm-hmm-hmm, hmm-hmm
Hmm-hmm-hmm, hmm-hmm

Hmm, hmm, hmm, hun-hun
Ke lo wa bi joko, hun
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hun-hun
Ke lo wa bi joko
Hun, ko lo joko

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