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Falz, Shaybo and Phyno Lyrics

Shaybo and Phyno join Falz on the second track of his new EP, Before The Feast, read Popping Tonight lyrics below and sing along.

Cover art for Before The Feast EP by Falz
Before The Feast EP Cover Art

Falz, Shaybo & Phyno - Popping Tonight Lyrics

Woah woah
Ye ye
Ay God

We popping tonight (yeah yeah)
We chopping the life
Disturbing the road (ki lo wi)
Hop in the ride
If you dey dull
Somebody take
The love of your life (show me the boy)
We popping tonight (mi o gbo)
We chopping the life

No go dey dull
No go dey sleep
No go dey sing song

We dey chop life gan
We dey Jaiye times five
Just reach Ilashe beach
With the kind pies I like
I really want to commit to only one wife like Mike
But Lagos girls don confuse me die walahi
Came in a Cadillac from 1971
This the motor they don't make anymore
No disturb me I don tell you before
Make you tell the person I no take any call
How many girls in the back of the ride
What is the meaning of one at a time
How many bottles of Henny?
We Dey the clubhouse at 735
Non-stop like police chase
Shayo straight squeeze face
These babes
Dem no want put paragraph dem no leave space oh

Fuck all the hype
There's nobody badder than I I
You know my type
Omo ghetto from the southside
Getting money getting paid
He knows that I like when he pulls on my braids
If you cannot make the cut then you should fade
Wise guy gimme brain huh
Me and them we not the same
Omo London in the game omoge
Drippy drippy like the rain
I got nerve cuz I'm vein
Running tracks like a train
When I point they all aim
Area boys they gang gang
Talk to me nice
Make me your wife wife
Pam oil and wine
Hundred billion for my bride price

I see the way you moving
Mana ochicha melu ife ebolu oke machakwaba aga eliya ka suchi
Nwoke di bad di bougie
With akalangwa mu eji asa duty
Onuma tinye the boy na nkubi
Owuite melu umu boys the moody
Now the money melu men di goofy (Yea)
Olukwu oto e needrokwa evidence
Moonwalking on a hundred grand
Esi na ezege dizi arrogant
Makana ona ebubezi now
Feeling like the man now I'm the man now
Remind me dicha ka to remind Wizkid he's a man now
Mama nwoke donye iru man down

Okwa m daputa egwu ekpogi
Maka enyi bata ana eno gi
Imachabakwa anyi ezo gi
Machaba later anya efo gi
Akuko adirokwa na uka mgbede price on your head anyi ego gi
Anyi ya kponyelugi na oge mgbede you fuck around eke eno gi

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