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As the eighth track on Wave To Earth's latest album, 0.1 Flaws and all, Love captivates listeners with its South Korean indie rock sound, explore the English translated lyrics for Love below.

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Wave To Earth- Love Lyrics

Verse 1
Between people
Between the wind
Each person has their own desires
Painted together

Ooh, when it becomes firm enough to stand on
Ah-oh, then it becomes my world
Ah-oh (Ah-oh)

My small heart
And the good things in it
Break and harden
Melt and fall away
And only then can I see my eternity

Verse 2
Love between people
Everyone gathers together, oh-oh-oh-oh
(Ah-oh) Hoping for eternity
If we bury our bodies and hearts, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh

Then our world becomes perfect, oh-oh
With love
With love

My small heart
Like small waves inside
Break and push towards you
Melting and falling away
And only then can I see my eternity

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