Official 'Lost And Found Freestyle 2019' Lyrics By A$AP Rocky


Nigo, A$AP Rocky And Tyler The Creator Lyrics

Read the official lyrics to 'Lost And Found Freestyle 2019' by Nigo, A$AP Rocky and Tyler The Creator. Lost And Found Freestyle 2019 is the introductory track on Nigo' new album, I Know Nigo.

Official Lost And Found Freestyle 2019 Lyrics By A$AP Rocky
Nigo, A$AP Rocky And Tyler The Creator

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Nigo, A$AP Rocky & Tyler The Creator - Lost And Freestyle 2019 Lyrics

Intro: A$AP Rocky
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay
Okay, 'kay, 'kay, 'kay, 'kay, 'kay, 'kay, 'kay, 'kay, 'kay, 'kay, okay
A$AP Rocky, nigga
Pretty Flacko, nigga
A$AP shit, nigga

Verse: A$AP Rocky
I just want my credit like I'm Soulja
Camo like Rambo, big draco 'cross the shoulder
I'm fine-tuned on iTunes if you shuffle
Test the boy Le Suess like I came to tune your motor
Motherfuck a mumble rapper, I'd rather be a mogul
Million dollar market deals closing on my mobile
Keep the grass cut, got a phobia for cobra
You should low-key fuck the world when I'm vulgar
Man, I used to listen to that nigga when I was younger
Found out he's a poser when I got a lil' older
My bitch used to model for the Vogue, but she older
A truce and a foe, sitting 'round watching poker
No buns in the oven, or babies in the stroller
Just guns in the cupboard, and some ladies coming over
See I'm a pretty boy, manicures with the rollers
And babushkas on the head, like grandmothers and the Roman
Some women throw me bras, some women throw me roses
Might even flash a titty while she on a nigga shoulders
They going crazy at my shows, she passed out if I noticed her
Yeah, we in the building 'til the shit is for foreclosure
Yeah, we not the same, I ain't tryna play it like a lame nigga
Switch a gang, switch the beat, like the track that's playing (That's playing)

Part II

Verse: Tyler The Creator
Ayo (Woo, woo)
Bitch, I called you a Uber, and that's the only way I'm giving you payback (Yeah)
My shit nasty like that one nigga from A$AP (Shout-out A$AP Nast)
Been ill since I was twelve, was Rocky but ended swell
Now say Tyler, watch these motherfuckers start ringing bells (Ding-dong)
'Cause I spit fire, and shit cold
This shit so mean, nice rocks and I get stones
This shit so clean and bright, bold (Yeah)
The gold got a grip hold
All these Lucky Charms like a thick bowl
The diamonds all appraised (Nigga), yeah
Y'all go to Avianne and y'all get a lease in that bitch
My earlobes got them yellow boogers like I sneezed in that bitch (Achoo)
Your 808s is dry, you need to put some grease in that bitch
And let it sit, nigga, fuck what you heard (Fuck what you heard)
And fuck rap, I make a living off that four-letter word (GOLF WANG)
One-stop shop, nigga, just to sell them shoes
The profit margins looking higher than them airplane views
Y'all getting fucked in your deals, and they share that lube
I push the cum-colored Beamer and the inside blue (Skrrrt)
I push an Elon too, and the 675
The Longtail like the mane that's on A$AP Lou
Whips, whips, whips, whips, Kunta started a fight
The 720 ordered and I still go ride me a bike
But don't follow in yours (Nah), Vill behind me in sight (Yeah)
My niggas strictly like 9s, like young Mike and his type (Pew-pew)
Rip, you better zip that lip and zip up quick
And shit, he'd probably suck my dick then kiss his bitch (Mwah)
It's two sides to each coin, I call heads (Heads)
Been counting so much goddamn coin, my palm red (Uh)
I spend it on some books and some diamonds that shed light
And them hoes shine just like the top of a bald head, nigga

Outro: A$AP Rocky
Hahahahahaha, yeah

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