Little Simz - No Merci Lyrics


Little Simz Lyrics

The fourth track on Little Simz's NO THANK YOU EP is 'No Merci,' read the song's lyrics below. No Merci was produced by Inflo.

Little Simz - No Merci Lyrics
Little Simz

Little Simz - No Merci Lyrics

Who you

Verse 1
Who you know getting busy with the force? Like, haha
Laugh 'cause we good, that's hakuna matata
Bet you wanna see a Black woman get active
Whenever they chat shit, I just say nada
Free from the BS, I was carrying the weight
Being stuck up in the matrix, it's a rat race
Giving 'em our truth and they gave us blackface
Why you wanna make a mockery of my pain?
Way too long we been carrying the shame
If we knew we had magic, would we put needles in our veins?
That's that selling-us-a-lie shit
Keep us low, then we get high quick
And it doesn't change
I was down and out, had my bank account untamed
Trusting of thе people billing evеry call made
Everybody here getting money off my name
Irony is I'm the only one not getting paid
You've been tannin' in the sun, so now I'ma throw shade
I probably paid for your Balmain
Know you're good at selling me the nigga dream
One M might just make a nigga scream, "Nigga, we made it"
Gimme equity if you about it
We been here climbing these mountains, trekking through the rain
Ownership is the only conversation we can have
Takin' the throne back, you shouldn't have got attached
No mercy

Verse 2
Free the birds, tuppence a bag, hella diamonds in the stash
Currency in cash, put the bullshit in the trash
Niggas riding out, got the Bible on the dash
"God, do everything you can to prevent us from a crash"
You know that I'm unapologetically Black
I can see it make you nervous here, you ain't gotta act
I'm a human landmine
I am not a human being you can gaslight
If the contract more than two page, it's a bad sign
I was convinced it was fine, it's my damn time
Sixteen, calling America on the landline
Thank God that my brother kept the flashlight
Needed guidance through the dark, I know sad times
I know good hearts, you is bad mind
Everything is archived, I can never be stopped
Can't get through to me, you'll see that you been blocked
No mercy

Verse 3
Don't get lost in the sauce when he talk
Take your time, be sure
They want you rushing life decisions over a three-course meal
Next thing you know, you're doing free tours
I can put you on game, power in your name
The minute you sell that, everything is gonna change
What would happen if you bought into their vision?
And what would happen if you put your people in positions?
You ain't in the studio with me, but want commission
And if I wanna release my art, I need permission
There's hidden agendas here we should unpack
Forgive me if I'm yakked, I'm just genuinely baffed
Please don't ever sell your soul, it's a trap
They want me talking online, but I put it in my raps
Looks like I'm the only one spitting facts
I'm finally free and now they hoping I relapse
No mercy
No mercy

They been hurting you
Do yourself a favour
They do not deserve you
You can't be their saviour
You're only human too
Do yourself a favour
They do not deserve you
You can't be their saviour
You're only human too
Do yourself a favour
They do not deserve you
You can't be their saviour
You're only human too

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