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Explore the English translation of the lyrics for Husn by Anuv Jain. Immerse yourself in the rich meanings and emotions conveyed by the song's verses as you delve into the translated lyrics provided below.

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Anuv Jain

Anuv Jain - Husn Lyrics

Yeah, yeah

Verse 1
Look, look, what kind of things are here
They are with me while not being with me
Is it that easy?
Look, look, as if my intentions
Were the same as yours
Yeah, how naive I am

Ask for my heart someday instead of my beauty
Oh, I'll melt away in a moment, yeah
Now don't do that, my heart won't be able to mend itself again
Your words make me fall apart, yeah

Verse 2
I admit that the world is crazy for you
Maybe that's why you didn't realise
That I'm enough for you
Look, look, tired of this world
Why do you come here pretending to be innocent?
What even am I to you? (Yeah)

Then why do you come here wanting to make me cry?
If you have come, then please stay
And don't even ask anything about my day
Only your presence is enough for me, yeah

Yeah, if one day anyone
Ever reads your story
I don't think that my name
Would be mentioned anywhere in it

Yeah, I'm here
Look into my eyes, my eyes
Look at how my heart is
Even words can't describe it
Look into my eyes, my eyes
What kind of luck I have
That you're here while not being with me
Look into my eyes, my eyes
Your incomplete loyalty
Is all I ask for, I won't ask for anything else
Look into my eyes, my eyes

Look, look, what kind of fate we have
Still can't have you despite wanting you
I'm not even part of this race
Look, look, what kind of things are here
I even look at the words around here
I don't even belong here

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