Ghost Rant Lyrics by Show Dem Camp - #NigeriaDecides2023


Show Dem Camp Lyrics

"Ghost Rant" was released in 2021, by Show Dem Camp as the 12th track on their "Clone Wars Vol.5 - The Algorhythm" album, we've compiled the most accurate lyrics to "Ghost Rant," check it out below.

Ghost Rant Lyrics by Show Dem Camp - NigeriaDecides2023
Clone Wars Vol.5 - The Algorhythm Album Cover

Show Dem Camp - Ghost Rant Lyrics

Verse: Ghost
The clone wars series are time capsules
Future Generation mementoes
With each volume
Peep the rise in crescendo
And varying tempos
As the stress we ferry increase tenfold
These hieroglyph rhymes massage the temple
Like Atlantis or Maroko the pen is aquatic
I don’t stress flows
My poetries deep just got let go
If life is a bitch
Am I right to give her that left stroke?
Gotta stay strapped
Cuz that rona is on the spread though
With streets banging like RPG’s
And politicians turning nominees
For best performers in a nollywood drama scene
Inspired moments truly are few and far between
But every morning my people still grinding like coffee beans
To learn about perspective you don’t need an art class
Or film school to know POV can make a scene shift
Sometimes you have to give an extra push
Not just use ya eyes to look
Take the time to really see shit
As this melody sends me to rappers paradise
May these heavenly flows
Echo throughout the afterlife
I’m tryna shine not shun
This ain’t for bragging rights
Cuz feeding off negative energy make you a parasite
Lost count of each time I’ve been stabbed in the back in life
That’s why my daily rituals
To unpack this Samsonite
Of emotional luggage
My therapies to grab a mic
Balance this cold blood with bars of maximum Fahrenheit
Yet...who am I to talk about Sacrifice
When people getting massacred just for trying to enhance in life
20/10/20 the day my heart turned as black as Christ
From the dark we attract the light
See the silence is broke now
I still hear the screams in my dreams
Wake up with pillows soaked wow

It’s crazy
Clearly they fugazii
Yet to detect the lies you ain’t gotta be Bruce Wayne g
Bout 100k peeps saw it all on IG live
And their response is a threat?
Who advised these guys?
Showing no remorse or regret
Tyranize Each time
Then wonder why the oppressed want an eye for an eye, shit!
It’s real man these guys don’t play
See what they showcased
Bold faced, sent soldiers to tollgate
Children, siblings lost and in such a cold way
Oke could have been somebody’s soulmate
Its more than just a gbedu
But if you feel me say gbedu
Said this is more than just a gbedu
But if you feel me say gbedu

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