Fire Wood Lyrics by Sholz Ft Odumodublvck & Valentino Rose


Sholz, Odumodublvck and Valentino Rose Lyrics

Read the full lyrics to Fire Wood by Sholz featuring Odumodublvck and Valentino Rose. Fire Wood is the eighth track on Sholz' 2023-released album, Breakfast In Lagos.

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Sholz, Odumodublvck & Valentino Rose - Fire Wood Lyrics


Layefa, you no dey tire
But your body no be firewood (Wood)
Though you hot like fire (Fire)
Layefa oh, no dey tire (Le-le-le-le-le-le, ayy, ayy)
But your body no be firewood (Odumodublvck)
Hot like fire

She too like food oh, I go provide am all
She no like truth oh, Sholz, make I lie on top?
At the age of two I was fucking bad bitches, I go cum on top
Front and back, I dey give them doggy, I go fuck and run
I'm known for leaving shawty stranded
After I knack she say, "Odumodu, can you help me with transport?"
You no get papa? After I service your puna, I no hear congrats
Na bill you dey bill
Pelumi, na aza you dey drop?
Akokite pattern
Catch you in the morning and knack am (Jesus, yeah)
Layefa na person wey be say na committed olosho
But when e reach my turn she tell me, Modu, I'm in love oh
Can you bring cocaine?
Can you tuck me in my bed?
Will you peck my head?
Shebi I'm the only one, that is what you said
"You promise me say you go gimme belle", abi this one dey craze?
This one don dey lose focus, is this why you came?

Layefa, no dey tire (Ayy-ayy)
Your body no be firewood (Firewood), Layefa oh-oh (Ayy, Layefa, oh-oh-oh)
Layefa (Layefa, ah), hot like fire
But your body no be firewood (No, no), no dey tire (Firewood)
Layefa (Yeah), no dey tire (Oh, ooh)
But your body no be fire wood, no dey tire (Ooh-oh-ooh)

Layefa, no dey tire
But your body no be fire
You be like tyre
You dey run away
I go run your way
If you come my side oh
I go dodge and run

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