Aye (Remix) Lyrics by Balloranking Ft Hotkid & Rasaqi NFG


Balloranking, Hotkid and Rasaqi NFG Lyrics

Explore the captivating lyrics of the remix version of Aye by Balloranking, featuring Hotkid and Rasaqi NFG. Aye Remix is the closing track on Balloranking's new EP, Ghetto Vibrations.

Ep Cover Art for Ghetto Vibrations by Balloranking
Ghetto Vibrations Cover Art

Balloranking, Hotkid & Rasaqi NFG - Aye Remix Lyrics

Ehn ehn ehn ehn ehn ehn ehnnnn

Time no dey wait for no man
Why I no go chase my paper
Orishirishi Lori titi
On a low me I dey see my faaji
For this side na zero panic
The hustle go pay no be magic
I no mind if you share me the login
Sugar, honey put me for your body

Aye po repete
Shayo yesterday is not enough
If you go fall ngbekete
Awon temi jaiye lo ti le mafimo
Ti le mafimi

Steady we dey ball
You no the matter long so everything on god
Hmmm yen
Why me ko ma lol wine me
Kin to gbera duro sho reply mhi
O shenk mhi o minimize mhi

As a bad guy mo focus Lori grind mhi
Mo ti blow, won ti verify mhi
Igboro komi je won ti monetize mhi
So oma da, koma lo price me, to ba lo price mhi oma ri awon guys mhi
See man steady grinding pepper never rest
but still I cannot kill myself
Kill myself
Kill myself
So e no go shock you when you see sey I don get skeleton for my shelf
For my shelf
For my shelf
because I don knock knock knock (I don knock)
I don wait so tey I go break this door myself (Ekun fi pa ja lekun)
They can't buy mouka foam
They wan sleep on me but I won't sleep on myself

Aye kpo repete
Shayo yesterday is not enough
If you go fall ngbekete
Awon temi jaiye lo ti le Mafimo
Ti le mafimo
Steady we dey ball
You know the matter long so everything on good

I can never loose like a toy
Bullet no dey water gun
6ft under the ground
If u try test me Iwo loma lo (hmmm)
Aye po gan where no me dey where we dey kelli Po Po
No we working Luis Vuitton

Give dem gbedu wey dey disturb
Ola oluwa kin tan
wey dey party ti le mafimo
DND make mummy no call
Omo mo ti mo ti gbo
Mo ti fa gbo pa
This life be hate on me a gba

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