Alubarika Lyrics by Vibez Inc Ft Balloranking, TML Vibez & Billion Solar


Vibez Inc, Balloranking, TML Vibez and Billion Solar Lyrics

Brace yourself for an exhilarating experience as you groove and sing along to Alubarika lyrics, the energetic and infectious chart-topper by Vibez Inc, Balloranking, TML Vibez, and Billion Solar. With its infectious hooks and catchy melodies, Alubarika will uplift your spirits and get you grooving to the rhythm.

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Vibez Inc, Balloranking, TML Vibez & Billion Solar - Alubarika Lyrics


Verse 1
Luxury life fit me, I swear
I want to shaiye for myself
Carry my sweet babe with jet
I no fit come and kill myself
Aiye boring emi o fe
Yarobi bami le seh
Make I enter Alabama, go Indiana
Carry maga, tofi sara enter California
Tori koda koma alaso ko ma wo akisa
Make I jere, so I go fit dey jaiye la Vida loca

Alubarika (Alubarika)
Alubarika (Alubarika)
Jeko le gbe body (Alubarika), to my melody (Alubarika)
K'omope gba dollar (Alubarika)
Alubarika, jeko le gbe body (Alubarika), to my melody

Verse 2
Me I yarn God
On my grind, make I no fall, for my time make I live long
Grass ni mo tin bo, waka fast to the grace oh yеah (Hmm)
Bami favour, omo eru yen ma ni ire kan
I fit prеss, mi ole gbe gbon
All of my days on, hustlers no dey sleep for here (Hmm)
Baba no forget my family, everything ko jora won
Money drop, kele dey fancy me
Hustle mi mon tera mo
K'owo po, man no dey fear billing
Billion dollar go fit sort that one
Make I run town
Baba mi jo, make e soft, do wonder more

Alubarika (Alubarika)
Alubarika (Alubarika)
Jeko le gbe body (Alubarika), to my melody (Alubarika)
K'omope gba dollar (Alubarika)
Man no fit retire, ori ma jen riya

Verse 3
Got nobody to rely on
Money matter m'odi lion
Moti gbe ja, o di bygone
I know bobo no go fit to die young
Mo shi ma gbolahan
Ke mi sa ma dan lawo
Steadily, I dey fire on
See bling bling, diamond
D'ayemo, ko sa tima gbe body to my melody o
Show love, no be emoji o
Omo emi o fe osi o

Alubarika Alubarika
Alubarika Alubarika
Ah ah Alubarika
K'omo pe gba dollar, man no fit retire
Eleda mi ma jen riya

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