All My Life Lyrics By Devvon Terrell | Official Lyrics


Devvon Terrell Lyrics

Here is the lyrics to 'All My Life' by Devvon Terrell, the short but catchy song was dropped by Devvon Terrell a few weeks ago and has since garnered a lot of attention on music streaming platforms as well social media apps, the likes of TiKTok.

All My Life Lyrics By Devvon Terrell | Official Lyrics
Devvon Terrell

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Devvon Terrell - All My Life Lyrics

When I Pull Up On Your Block
I Do The Shooting (Prrr prr)
Then We Start Off In A Week
Like What Are We Doing (Scrrr scrr)

Couple Shooters Bring Me Weed
Just Caught A Lick (Just a lick)
Jump About The Weed
You Know What It Is (Prr pa pa pa)

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Now I, Pull Up, Dirty,
Shaking, Karry, Shall To, Spicy,
Movie, Cycling,
You Will Never Find Another Shoooter.

Shooter Like Me
Shooter Like Me Yeah

All My Life, I Sprine DFs Like You
And I Spit Bloods
Now I, Now I finally found you

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