World Premiere: 9ice - Liquor + Charging Charger (Album Launch)

So 9ice decided to go ahead and release the album as is. Apparently, 'Energy' and 'Gbamu Gbamu' are the best songs on the album in my opinion. I hate to say it, but I am not impressed with the songs on the album, but your opinions may differ. Anyhow, the album is now available for purchase on Amazon.

'Tradition' will be released on Dec 7, 2009 and should be available in retail stores and street corners all over Nigeria in a few hours. Let me know your thoughts on these 2 tracks.



Charging Charger

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true talk
true talk
10 years ago

e no go bad 4 u baba ooo, na wetin mesef talk anout MOLA be that ooo....bad journalism!!!

Gud galie
Gud galie
9 years ago

Fuck u too for saying the album isnt 9ice. Cmon d songs there really make sense.... If u dnt lik it, wel go block ur ears.