The 2023 Summer In Festival heats up Dar Es Salaam in a historic music extravaganza


Tanzanians have experienced a lot in 2023. From dealing with persistent electricity shortages to the relentless pursuit of financial stability, not to mention the looming specter of inflation, this year has been an arduous journey for many.

It's no surprise that as the end of the year approaches folks are now craving a chance to unwind, seeking solace in a much-needed relaxation event.

In the midst of all the bustling city life, the chaos and discomfort, arrives Summer In – – a special festival designed to commemorate a year's worth of hard work with beautiful weather, relaxing beach days, refreshing beverages, and endless fun.

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While Tanzania is currently hosting events like the Mihogo Festival, Wasafi Festival, and the recently concluded Mr. Burudani tour, Summer In sets itself apart from everything we have experienced before as evidenced in its first edition held at the renowned Kidimbwi Beach on October 8th, which brought a unique, relaxed and chill vibe to help you start 2024 on a fresh note.

In its first ever 2023 edition Summer In was headlined by different Tanzanian heavyweights such as Loui, Marioo, Whozu, Chino Kidd, G Nako, Salmin Swaggz, Jaivah, Country Wizzy, Jaivah, Billnass, Young Lunya, Gigy Money, Phina and Cherry who gave electrifying live performances and drew in thousands, creating a vibrant, unforgettable experience and special appearances for the attendees.

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As stated by the Hennesy hitmaker Loui, who is also one of the festival's headliners, in an interview with Clouds FM, emphasized that he and his team conceived the festival concept. They noticed that unlike the USA and other major music markets, Tanzania was missing a festival centered around a specific season theme. 

"For a considerable time, Tanzania was missing a seasonal-themed event that could take place both in the afternoons and at night. This gathering primarily focuses on live performances, and I can proudly claim to be the world's first artist to introduce this unique style of performance, which involves hyping, playing drums, and singing simultaneously." said Loui whose song Hennesy was mentioned as one of the best 100 Tanzanian songs of the decade.

Summer In marks the first-ever festival of its kind in Tanzania, and it's anticipated to bring its vibrant energy to various locations across mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar.