The 100 best Tanzanian songs of the decade: 2012 - 2022


Fetched from various music genres like Bongo Flava, Bongo Hip Hop, RnB, and Swahili Amapiano, these are the songs that ushered in a new era in the Tanzanian music landscape, bringing together Bongo Flava founders like AY and Lady Jaydee, contemporary artists like Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba, and even Gen Z talents such as Jay Melody and Lody Music. These are the 100 best Tanzanian songs of the decade ranging from 2012 - 2022. 

The stretch from 2012 to 2022 marked a pivotal time in the ascent of Bongo Flava from Tanzania, spreading its influence not only in East Africa but across the entire continent.

Tanzanian music heavyweights seized the spotlight, dominating the Kenyan music scene, clinching global awards, packing grand arenas all over Africa, and firmly establishing Tanzania as one of the top five music markets on the continent.

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But which songs have been the driving force behind this remarkable success? In this article, we pay tribute to 100 Tanzanian songs that catapulted artists to household name status, left an indelible cultural imprint, and propelled Bongo Flava to widespread popularity, not only within Tanzania but across East Africa and the entire continent.

The criteria used to curate this list include:

Popularity among Fans:

This considers the reception and admiration the song garnered from the audience.

Charts and Streaming Data:

The song's performance on various charts and its streaming statistics were taken into account.

Export Value:

This assesses the song's ability to resonate beyond borders and gain international recognition.

Music Awards Won:

Recognition from prestigious music awards served as an indicator of a song's impact.


The enduring influence and impression the song left on the music industry and culture were also considered.


Bearing in mind that "quality" is subjective, this was settled on by the consensus of our team, but it includes lyrical content, vocal value, and replay value, among others. 

These are the 100 Best Tanzanian songs of the decade ranging from 2012 -2022:

Best Tanzanian songs decade

1. My Number One - Diamond Platnumz 

My Number One stands as a song that forever changed the landscape of Bongo Flava. Produced by Clever Touch and released in late 2013, this track is the one that Introduced Bongo Flava to Africa 

The quality of My Number One directed by Kenya’s Ogopa Videos made its entrance to Africa’s biggest music channels such as Channel O, MTV Base and BET and it was this song that made the likes of Vanessa Mdee, Navy Kenzo, Joh Makini and Ali Kiba and travel all the way to South Africa to shoot international standard music videos. 

My Number One stands as the most accoladed song of the 2010s, winning a remarkable total of 7 awards at the 2014 Tanzania Music Awards. It also secured three awards at the Channel O Music Awards, triumphed in the East Africa Super Hit category at the 2015 Hipipo Awards, and garnered many other notable honors.

Although it may not have garnered as many streams as Waah or Kwangaru, My Number One will forever hold its place as the most influential East African song of the 2010s, credited with taking Bongo Flava from Tanzania to the whole of Africa. 

2. Tetema - Rayvanny 

Undoubtedly, Tetema stands as Rayvanny's biggest hit to date. The song not only garnered a remix featuring Columbia's finest Maluma but also landed him to the stage of the prestigious MTV EMA Awards, marking him as the first African artist to achieve this feat. Mama Tetema further climbed to the 11th spot on the Mexico Airplay Chart.

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Within 17 hours of its release, the song racked up an impressive 1 million views on YouTube. Fast forward three years, and Tetema achieved a remarkable 30 million streams on Spotify, marking it as the first Tanzanian song to reach such heights.

3. Aje - Ali Kiba 

What sets Aje apart is the ability of this Bongo Flava track, blending Swahili and French, to make a significant impact on the African music scene. 

It was thanks to Aje that MTV EMA organizers acknowledged their misstep, conceding that Ali Kiba should have been awarded the Best International Act category instead of Wizkid.

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Aje was crafted so beautifully that it transcended language barriers, allowing anyone to grasp its essence even without understanding Swahili. The music video, directed by Meji Alabi, exceeded the expectations of many.

 It was also this song that initiated Ali Kiba's journey toward becoming one of Africa's most celebrated artists and solidified his status as a close rival to Diamond Platnumz.

Through Aje, Ali Kiba achieved more than 15 awards, including EATV Awards, BEFFTA UK Awards, Soundcity Awards, Watsup TV Awards, and many more. Undoubtedly, this song will forever be remembered as one of the greatest in the history of Bongo Flava.

4. Marry You - Diamond Platnumz Ft Ne-yo 

Before Diamond Platnumz, several Tanzanian artists, including AY and Ali Kiba, had collaborated with American artists, but none had made as much noise as Diamond Platnumz's 2017 hit Marry You featuring the celebrated singer Ne-Yo.

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Marry You ushered in a new era for the Bongo Flava genre, changing how other music markets perceived the Tanzanian music scene. Bongo Flava gained greater respect, popularity, and further positioned Diamond Platnumz as a formidable rival to artists like Davido and Wizkid who were also eyeing the American market.

Undoubtedly, it's this very song that opened doors for Diamond Platnumz to collaborate with other American artists, including Omarion and Alicia Keys.

5. Kwangwaru - Harmonize Ft Diamond Platnumz 

In around 2018, the Tanzanian music scene was inundated with the Nigerian Afrobeats wave, dominating major clubs with its upbeat tracks. 

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However, a significant shift occurred when Harmonize released Kwangwaru,' featuring Diamond Platnumz, which instantly became a smash hit upon its release. The song's music video, skillfully directed by Director Kenny, has since garnered over 100 million views on YouTube.

6. Muziki - Darassa Featuring Ben Pol 

Before dropping Muziki Darassa had other set of songs such as Kama Utanipenda and Too Much but Muziki was the one song that made him a household name in Tanzania. 

Produced by Abbah and Mr T Touch Muziki became an instant hit, even making the Rwandan president dance to it. Muziki is Darassa’s biggest hit to date and is the most watched Hip Hop Tanzanian music video to date. 

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The song also made Darassa win the East African Super Hit award at the prestigious Hipipo Awards in 2018.

7. Me & You - Ommy Dimpoz Ft Vanessa Mdee

Vanessa Mdee's stunning vocal performance in Me & You  was not just unexpected but extraordinary for an upcoming artist at the time. This track ushered in a new era in the Tanzanian music industry, establishing Ommy Dimpoz as a household name in Tanzania and positioning Vanessa Mdee as a promising talent in East Africa. 

In the 2013 Tanzania Music Awards, the song achieved recognition, winning both the Best Afropop Single and Best Collaboration categories.

8. Sukari - Zuchu 

Has there been a more significant song by a female artist in Tanzania over the past decade? The impact of Sukari in elevating Bongo Flava onto the global stage has been nothing short of remarkable.

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 In 2021, the music video for Sukari claimed the title of the most-watched music video in Sub-Saharan Africa, and since Tanzania's independence, it stands as the most-watched video on YouTube for a solo project.

Even beyond the impressive streaming figures, Sukari was everywhere on the streets in 2021. Undoubtedly, this track marks Zuchu's most significant song since her debut in 2020.

9. Hainaga Ushemeji - Man Fongo 

Hainaga Ushemeji was recorded at the time when Man Fongo was at his lowest recorded in the wake of his release from police detention. 

It was perhaps his frustration and anger that fueled the creation of this track, which has since become the pinnacle of Singeli music.

Hainaga Ushemeji released in 2016  is Singeli’s biggest song to date as it gained traction through organic popularity rather than extensive promotion.  

This song played a pivotal role in elevating Singeli music from areas like Tandale, known for its slums, to more affluent residential areas like Masaki.

10. Iokote - Maua Sama 

The impact of Iokote in 2018 left Maua Sama grappling with depression and anxiety as she strived to create a comeback hit that could surpass it and without a doubt,  Hanstone's songwriting in this track has left an unmatched legacy.

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Iokote held the title of the most-watched music video by a female artist on Youtube for two years before Zuchu's Cheche took the title in 2020.

11. Mama Amina - Marioo Ft Sho Madjozi & Bontle Smith 

Mama Amina stands as the catalyst that propelled the Amapiano wave to its current prominence in Tanzania. Marioo, through this track and several others, has rightfully earned the title of the King of Swahili Amapiano.

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In 2020, Mama Amina burst onto the Tanzanian music scene, leaving an indelible mark and serving as an inspiration for other artists. Its influence extended to artists like Jaivah, Ali Kiba, Chino Kidd, Zuchu, and numerous others who later embraced the Amapiano sound.

12. Ninogeshe - Nandy 

Aslay's exceptional songwriting in Ninogeshe played a pivotal role in officially establishing Nandy as the reigning queen of East African female artists. 

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This track, particularly its blockbuster music video featuring Nandy as a bride, became a cherished favorite among lovebirds and couples, making it a delight to their ears.

13. Hodari - Mbosso 

Hodari by Mbosso was truly remarkable in every aspect, particularly the part where Mbosso mentions renowned Tanzanian women and lauds their romantic qualities.

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This song served as compelling evidence that Mbosso rightfully earned a spot in one of Africa's largest record labels, WCB Wasafi, and solidified his title as the King Of Love Songs, famously known as King Khan, a name reminiscent of the Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan.

14. Hawajui - Vanessa Mdee 

Released in 2015, Hawajui will always be remembered as the first song by a Tanzanian female artist to push Bongo Flava to the African music scene. 

The music video, directed by South Africa's Niki Campos, received extensive airplay on MTV Base and other prestigious African music channels and it was also this Nahreel produced track that marked the beginning of Vanessa's journey into the international music market.

15. Mwana - Ali Kiba 

Mwana released in 2015, will forever stand out as one of the most remarkable comeback hits by a Tanzanian artist. 

After a five-year hiatus, Ali Kiba's return with this song, featuring a compelling message, an infectious blend of uptempo soukous beats and Bongo Flava, and the undeniable hype surrounding his comeback, earned the project a remarkable achievement – winning five awards at the 2015 Tanzania Music Awards.

16. Don’t Bother - Joh Makini Ft AKA 

In 2015, if you were in Tanzania and hadn't heard Don't Bother featuring Joh Makini and the late African rapper AKA, you might as well have been living under a rock. 

This collaboration elevated Joh Makini's status as one of the most sought-after rappers in Africa, with the Justin Campos-directed music video showcasing the true essence of the Bongo Flava movement to the world.

17. Puuh - Billnass Ft Jay Melody 

Puuh catapulted Billnass to victory, securing him the Best Hip Hop artist award at the 2023 Tanzania Music Awards.

Jay Melody's infectious chorus became a TikTok sensation for ladies. Once more, the song attests that while Billnass may not spit the hardest lines like Fid Q or Nikki Mbishi but he's certainly a hitmaker.

18. Natamba - Aslay 

Aslay had hit the jackpot with Natamba, especially in its catchy chorus where he name-drops celebrities like Elizabeth Michael, Wema Sepetu, and Hamisa Mobeto.

This 2017 hit was a true money-spinner, and during the Fiesta tour that year, Aslay had it easy. The fans practically sang every line of the song themselves, leaving him to just stand back and enjoy the show.

19.  Nakupenda - Jay Melody 

Listening to Nakupenda makes it evident that Jay Melody's songwriting prowess was instrumental in creating Nandy's hit Kivuruge because the song is undeniably exceptional. 

Nakupenda currently holds the remarkable distinction of being the most streamed single on Boomplay, amassing over 75 million streams and its also the first Tanzanian single to surpass 50 Million streams on the platform. 

20. Katika - Navy Kenzo Featuring Diamond Platnumz 

Katika didn't ride solely on Diamond Platnumz's presence since the song's core concept was its greatest allure. 

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The song was everywhere in 2018, from shows to clubs, parties, and even the streets. Notably, it's the most-watched Navy Kenzo video on YouTube, approaching a remarkable 30 million views.

21. Salome - Diamond Platnumz Ft Rayvanny 

Having witnessed Diamond Platnumz's versatility in Bongo Flava, Afrobeats, and even Hip Hop, fans were intrigued when the superstar decided to shift gears with Salome, a 2017 hit in which Diamond Platnumz embraces a more traditional sound, featuring a sample from Saida Karoli's classic hit, Maria Salome.

The shift in style certainly paid off as "Salome" instantly became a hit upon its 2016 release, making two significant impacts. 

Firstly, it breathed new life into Saida Karoli's career, sparking renewed interest in her music, leading to the release of Orugambo

Secondly, Diamond Platnumz had the opportunity to perform at the inaugural ceremony of AFCON in January 2017 as a result of the song's success.

22. Waah - Diamond Platnumz 

In 2020, Waah united East Africa and Central Africa's cultural icons, birthing one of Africa's monumental hits. This song transcended borders, sending a powerful message to West Africans, asserting that while they may command O2 Arena crowds, Diamond Platnumz stands shoulder to shoulder with them in streaming numbers. 

Notably, Waah made history on YouTube, setting a new African record by reaching 1 million views in just 8 hours, breaking the previous record held by Davido's FEM, and eventually accumulating 80 million views in 8 months. 

Although some may bring up Yope Remix, featuring Diamond Platnumz alongside Innoss B, it's worth noting that Waah stands as Diamond Platnumz's most viewed music video on his own YouTube channel.

23. Kwetu - Rayvanny 

Rayvanny's debut with Kwetu in 2016 brought about two unexpected surprises. Firstly, it marked him as the second artist to be launched under WCB, a move that caught many by surprise. 

Secondly, the music video's exceptional quality, helmed by Godfather Productions, further elevated the song.

Kwetu swiftly propelled Rayvanny to household name status in Tanzania and within a few months of his debut, he won the prestigious BET Award.

24. Commando - Mavokali 

Most people did not pay attention to Mavokali’s Commando released in 2022 until the song started to gain international fame after foreigners were making Tiktok videos, Shazaming and dancing to it.

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It was then that Tanzanian music fans, media and even stakeholders started to pay attention to this song that in a way penetrated in the international music market.

25. Moyo Mashine - Ben Pol 

Ben Pol's 2016 hit Moyo Mashine, which translates to Heart Machine in Swahili, serves as the ideal answer when your partner wonders why you've chosen to be with them.

This song beautifully blends Ben Pol's soulful vocals with Lollipop's songwriting, and it's a collaborative production between Lollipop and Nusder. The music video was even filmed in South Africa, underscoring its popularity with over 10 million views on YouTube.

26. Waache Waoane - Chege Ft Diamond Platnumz 

Waache Waoane was released at a time when there was a rush and excitement among Tanzanian artists to take over the African music market and was there a better way to achieve this dream than through a collaboration with the African sensation, Diamond Platnumz?

Chege did not stop there.He went a step further by flying all the way to South Africa to shoot the video, directed by none other than the esteemed African music video director at the time, Justin Campos.

27. Yahaya - Lady Jaydee 

Yahaya was Lady Jaydee's call-out to those living a façade, pretending to lead lavish lives that aren't truly theirs. The song released in 2013 resonated widely because it mirrors the prevalent culture in Dar Es Salaam and beyond, where many people adopt similar pretenses. 

Lady Jaydee's decision to feature Dude, a renowned Bongo movie actor known for his role as a conman in the famous TV show Bongo Dar Es Salaam, was a clever move which added an authentic touch to the Ogopa-directed music video, making it relatable and engaging for fans. 

Through this song, the term Yahaya became a common reference in Tanzania for individuals leading double lives, attempting to deceive others.

28. Mi Amor - Marioo Ft Jovial 

Mi Amor was originally intended to feature Diamond Platnumz, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Marioo instead collaborated with Kenya's Jovial. 

The two East African music elites, Marioo  & Jovial crafted one of East Africa's biggest hits in 2021/2022.  Mi Amor earned a spot on Rolling Stone magazine's prestigious list of the 40 Best Afropop Songs of 2022.

29. Utanipenda - Diamond Platnumz 

Critics today, quick to label Diamond Platnumz's recent releases as less emotionally charged and lyrically light, often overlook the artist's earlier works.

Take, for instance, Utanipenda, where Diamond took a sharp turn from his usual love-themed tracks, contemplating the scenario of losing his superstar status. The 2015 track was testament to his versatility and creativity in songwriting.

For those not fluent in Swahili, the music video itself conveyed the message effectively. It featured notable appearances by Harmonize, Jackline Wolper, Babu Tale, and Diamond's then-girlfriend, Zarina Hassan who according to Diamond is the most expensive video vixen she has ever paid.

To complete the project Diamond flew Godfather Productions all the way from South Africa to Dar Es Salaam being the first Tanzanian artist to do so and therefore making the whole project feel  like a movie and not a typical music video.  

30. Zigo Remix - AY Ft Diamond Platnumz 

It was nearly impossible for Zigo Remix to flop because it was a combined effort of Nahreel, Marco Chali, and Hermy B, three of the biggest producers that Tanzania has ever had. 

This track released in 2015 marked the inaugural collaboration between two of Tanzania's leading artists, recognized for elevating Tanzanian music onto the global stage.

31. Mfalme - Mwana FA 

Mwana FA's 2014 hit titled Mfalme conveyed profound life advice, featuring the iconic line Silalamiki Sina Viatu Wenzangu Hawana Miguu. 

G Nako's catchy chorus played a pivotal role in propelling this song into smash-hit status, with its lyrics often used in captions.

32. Nyumba Ndogo - Zuchu 

It's quite unusual that Zuchu, not being a Singeli artist, managed to create the most significant Singeli song by a female artist. In terms of streaming numbers, none of the Singeli songs come close to Zuchu's Nyumba Ndogo, which made its way to streaming platforms in 2021.

The music video on YouTube, featuring renowned actors like Riyama Ally, Stanley Msungu, and Zuchu's close friend Masha Love, who delivered a remarkable performance, has now surpassed 30 million views.

33. Loyalty - Darassa Ft Marioo & Nandy 

Darassa's fans displayed unwavering loyalty for approximately eight months as they eagerly awaited the release of the music video for Loyalty, a standout track from his debut album Slave Becomes King.  

This romantic love song released in 2020 highlights the importance of loyalty in relationships, and it marked the first-time collaboration of Nandy and Marioo, showcasing their impressive vocal performances together.

34. Kajiandae - Ommy Dimpoz Ft Ali Kiba 

Kajiandae is the Swahili word for Go Prepare and without a doubt fans were not ready and  prepared for this wonderful collaboration that dropped in 2016, four years since Ali Kiba made Ommy Dimpoz famous after assisting him in his debut song Nainai. 

The video directed by South Africa’s Justin Campos was a well crafted masterpiece that has now amassed Millions of views on Youtube.

35. Moyo Sukuma Damu - Ditto 

The songwriting in Ditto's Moyo Sukuma Damu showcased sheer genius. This track, released in 2016, marked his return to the music scene after a silence of at least 5 years. 

Produced by Emma The Boy from Epic Records, Moyo Sukuma Damu initially dropped as an audio release. However, due to relentless pressure from the music industry and fans, a music video directed by Msafiri followed a month later.

36. Makabila - Dulla Makabila 

It was the song Makabila that transformed Dulla into Dulla Makabila, with the song's name becoming synonymous with his newfound fame. 

Makabila skillfully encapsulated stereotypes from various prominent Tanzanian tribes, winning the hearts of diverse audiences, including children and women who might not have been traditional Singeli music enthusiasts.

37. Muhudumu - Aslay 

We still don’t know what happened to Aslay behind the scenes until he wrote Mhudumu, a heartbreak song, he earnestly pleads for his lost love to return, leaving us wondering if it reflects his own experiences and if the song did reflect his love life, it's only right to extend our sympathy.

The music video, though made on a modest budget, carries a powerful emotional weight as it  stands as Aslay's most viewed music video on YouTube, with over 20 million views.

38. Raha - Zuchu 

Zuchu's exceptional songwriting talent shone brightly in her 2020 track, Raha, found in her debut I Am Zuchu EP. 

This song boasted some of the most captivating bridges of the 2010s, especially when she chanted, Ndege asili ya buga kufugwa hawezekani mithili ya kivuruga kaumbiwa kutamani.

Raha served as a wake-up call to those so-called Alpha females who initially hesitated to sing Zuchu's songs due to their feminine nature, as this track changed their perspective.

39. Naogopa - Marioo Ft Harmonize 

Naogopa is the result of a creative collaboration between Harmonize, known for his lyrical prowess, and Marioo, gifted in crafting catchy bridges and choruses. 

This 2022 song perfectly showcases Marioo's talent, with its memorable chorus, straightforward yet captivating lyrics, and a music video directed by Kenny, all contributing to its potential to become a classic.

40. Na Yule - Ruby 

Ruby's Na Yule,  a song written by the award winning Barnaba Classic after winning the prestigious Super Nyota Diva competition in 2014, remains a timeless debut by a female artist in Tanzania. 

This track, adorned with Ruby's warm vocals, made her a household name in Tanzania and a promising talent.

41. Far Away - Diamond Platnumz Ft Vanessa Mdee 

One of the most regrettable decisions that fans may find hard to forgive Diamond Platnumz for is his failure to shoot or release the video for Far Away, a heartfelt and intimate song featuring the gifted Vanessa Mdee.

The song had the potential to achieve greater success than it did, considering it was part of Diamond Platnumz's 2018 album, A Boy From Tandale, rather than being released as a single. S2kizzy's remarkable production, incorporating piano and guitars, truly elevated this track.

Far Away fulfilled the collaboration fans had been yearning for. It marked the first time East Africa's leading male and female artists joined forces to craft a song that had the potential for even greater success if a video had been released.

42. Basi Nenda - Mo Music 

Mo Music's 2015 hit song Basi Nenda, penned by Lollipop, had a profound impact on those nursing heartbreak, evoking tears with its poignant lyrics. 

This track catapulted the Mwanza-born artist to overnight stardom and even earned a nomination in the highly regarded Tanzania Music Awards in the Best Zouk/Rhumba category that year.

43. Nani Kama Mama - Christian Bella Ft Ommy Dimpoz 

In the past decade, Tanzania hasn't witnessed a chart-topping hit dedicated to mothers quite like Nani Kama Mama.

This song has become an anthem at baby showers, women’s day, Mother's Day celebrations, and various occasions honoring mothers, cementing its place as a beloved tribute to motherhood.

44. Muziki Gani - Nay Wa Mitego Ft Diamond Platnumz 

Muziki Gani could have faded into obscurity, but Nay Wa Mitego's decision to create a unique concept where Diamond Platnumz defended Bongo Flava and Nay Mitego championed Hip Hop turned this song into a timeless gem.

The well executed music video directed by Adam Juma further solidified the song’s status as an iconic piece in the Bongo Flava music scene, even though it was released back in 2013.

45. Siachani Nawe - Barakah The Prince 

In 2014, the hit Siachani Na Wewe, a collaboration between producers Lollipop and Nusder, played a pivotal role in establishing Barakah The Prince as the Bongo Flava heavyweight we know today.

This track was everywhere in 2014 as Baraka The Prince passionately expressed his inability to let go of a toxic relationship.

46. Nitasubiri - Jux 

The Tanzanian RnB scene was set on fire in 2013 when Jux dropped his emotional escapade titled Nitasubiri, a track that fans felt was dedicated to his ex girlfriend Jack Cliff. 

The song's emotional depth was underscored by a poignant black and white music video, featuring Juma Jux singing his eyes out on the edge of a mountain.

47. Inde - Dully Sykes Ft Harmonize 

Inde released in 2016 was a dream come true for Harmonize who started seeing Dully Sykes on TV way back before being a superstar. 

In the song the two artists  had nothing much to say lyrically but the song’s melody was irresistibly catchy and made listening to the song pure enjoymen and so was the music video directed by Hanscana that saw school kids dancing to the Lizer produced beat. 

48. Mboga Saba - Mr Blue Featuring Ali Kiba 

It is in this song that Tanzanians realized that Ali Kiba is a savage like no other in crafting unforgettable choruses, solidifying his status as a chorus savant of the 2010s.

Mboga Saba served as Mr. Blue's ticket back to the mainstream and as much as storytelling is concerned this song released in 2017 deeply connected with many.

49. Komela - Dayna Nyange Featuring Billnass 

Many fans still don't understand the lyrics of this 2016 hit especially the catchy chorus when Dayna Nyange beautifully refrains Baby komela ndani kwa ndani nikomelee 

But this did not stop fans from enjoying the beautifully Bongo Flava tune which is Dayna Nyange’s biggest hit to date.

50. Nitaubeba - Harmonize 

Harmonize's ability to convey deep emotions through his music, especially in matters of love, shines brilliantly in his hit song Nitaubeba

This 2022 release, featured in Harmonize's third album Made For Us, was a heartfelt dedication to his ex-girlfriend Kajala. 

It became an instant favorite among couples, showcasing Harmonize's prowess as the true "King of Best Melodies," a title reminiscent of Christian Bella's moniker.

51. Nimempata - Pam D Ft Mesen Selekta 

Pam D made a promising entrance with her hit 'Nimempata,' which soared on various charts. around Tanzania, thanks to the Mensen Selekta produced uptempo beat. 

However, she swiftly vanished from the music scene, leaving fans yearning for more of her music.

52. Teacher - Harmonize 

Harmonize's approach in Teacher was truly electrifying. Rather than centering the song on typical party and club themes, he chose to showcase his prowess in the music industry over an Amapiano beat. 

The incorporation of Makonde language into the song was just one of the many elements that rendered this 2021 hit  a standout and exceptionally inventive Swahili Amapiano track.

53. Turn Up - Country Wizzy Ft Mwana FA 

Crafted by the skilled hands of S2kizzy and finely tuned by Hermy B, Turn Up stood out as Country Wizzy's finest creation since his debut. 

Wizzy's rap technique garnered widespread admiration, while his smooth dance moves and swagger in the video resonated particularly well with the younger crowd, akin to the impact of Drake's Hotline Bling.

54. Mtasubiri - Diamond Platnumz Ft Zuchu 

Mtasubiri was released during a time when dating rumors between Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu were rampant. The project felt like an official statement from the two artists, aimed at addressing the speculation. 

Undoubtedly, Mtasubiri stands as one of the finest duets ever released in Bongo Fleva. 

Despite facing a ban by TCRA, Mtasubiri still managed to become the most-watched Tanzanian music video on Youtube in 2022.

55. Henessy - Loui 

Crafted under the production of S2kizzy, Hennessy addressed a void in Tanzanian music when it was released in 2021. 

Its mellow, rhythmic beats and engaging lyrics have set the song apart, making it truly exceptional.

56. Waache Waoane - Chege Ft Diamond Platnumz 

Waache Waoane was released at a time when there was a rush and excitement among Tanzanian artists to take over the African music market and was there a better way to achieve this dream than through a collaboration with the African sensation, Diamond Platnumz?

Chege did not stop there.He went a step further by flying all the way to South Africa to shoot the video, directed by none other than the esteemed African music video director at the time, Justin Campos.

57.  Nitakupwelepweta - Yamoto Band 

Nitakupwelepweta was everywhere in 2015 and maybe part of the reason the song was a hit was the sight of four teenage boys making fun of  an older woman who preferred younger partners. 

This song will always be remembered as Yamoto Band's biggest hit until they disbanded in 2018.

58. Kwikwi - Zuchu 

Kwikwi released in 2022 was an all-around hit, combining brevity, sweetness, provocation, playfulness, and, most importantly, serving as perfect material for a Tiktok dance challenge.

The love song was everywhere in 2022 and marks one of Zuchu’s biggest hits to date.

59. Jini Kisirani - Amber Lulu 

Among video vixens like Hamisa Mobeto, Gigy Money, Nai, and Lynn who ventured into singing, Amber Lulu stood out with her 2018 hit Jini Kisirani, a Bongo Flava anthem that proved she was serious with music and not chasing clout. 

The song, penned by Tanzanian singer Marioo, earned her the XXL Jiwe La Mwezi award in Bukoba in May 2018.

60. Nakuja - Balaa Mc 

Is it an overstatement to claim that Nakuja was the biggest Singeli song of 2020? 

Apart from the addictive, infectious, lively beats, the general message that resonated with every man who's faced the disappointment of sending fare to a fiancée who didn't arrive as promised was creative and thoughtful.

61. Siri - Vanessa Mdee & Barnaba 

Siri emerged as one of the standout male-female duets of the 2010s, credited to the captivating vocals of Vanessa Mdee and Barnaba's exceptional songwriting. 

This winning combination not only shone in the audio but also in the music video, filmed in Makumbusho village in Dar Es Salaam and featuring cameo appearances by Mimi Mars and Aika from Navy Kenzo.

62. Upo Nyonyo - Phina 

Upo Nyonyo, an undeniably feminine anthem, skyrocketed Phina to stardom. Released in 2022, this track resonated with fans, becoming a TikTok sensation and amassing over 10 million YouTube views. 

It also garnered more than 16 million streams on Boomplay, firmly establishing itself as Phina's crowning achievement to date.

63. Mahaba Niue - Maua Sama 

Maua Sama's Mahaba Niue showcased a beautiful fusion of RnB and Reggae, marking it as her biggest hit before the release of "Iokote" in 2018. 

Mahaba Niue music video, directed by Adam Juma, added a romantic touch to the entire project, making it an ode to lovers.

64. Mama - Kayumba 

Released in 2020, Mama is a standout in Kayumba's repertoire of love songs, including the Linah-assisted Umeniweza. 

This heartfelt tribute to all mothers deeply resonated with his fanbase. You don't need to be fluent in Swahili to feel the profound emotion as Kayumba sings, expressing heartfelt gratitude to his mother for her nurturing care.

65. Mamu - Meja Kunta 

Mamu marked the first heartbreak-themed Singeli song to go viral, serving as a tribute to all the men who deeply regretted their mistakes after hurting the women who loved them. 

Released in 2019, this hit was an absolute masterpiece and catapulted Meja Kunta to prominence within the Singeli genre.

66. Zimbabwe - Roma Mkatoliki 

In 2017, Roma made a triumphant return to the music scene with his comeback hit Zimbabwe. This song marked his resurgence after a harrowing kidnapping experience, and in the lyrics, Roma rapped with deep emotion as he attempted to address the events without explicitly naming those involved. 

The emotional and heartfelt music video, directed by Nicklass, further propelled the song's success, solidifying it as one of Roma's biggest hits to date.

67. Pita Huku - Dulla Makabila 

Dulla Makabila's Pita Huku, dropped in late 2022, defied the norm of Singeli's edgy content and explicit language. 

In this song, Dulla Makabila took a stand against undesirable behaviors, addressing issues like promiscuity and corruption, earning recognition from influential figures in the Bongo Flava scene, including Ali Kiba.

 Pita Huku won the title for Best Singeli Song and secured Dulla Makabila the award for Best Male Singeli Artist at the 2023 Tanzania Music Awards.

68. Bora Tuachane - Lava Lava 

Much like how couples hire musicians for their weddings, Lava Lava's Bora Tuachane was the song you'd want him to perform when your heart is shattered by love. 

This 2017 release marked Lava Lava's debut under WCB Wasafi, and it remains his most significant single to date.

69. Mama Yeyoo - G Nako Featuring Ben Pol 

Mona Gangsta and Chizan Brain exhibited remarkable production skills in crafting this 2013 hit, which found its place on numerous radio and TV playlists. 

The music video for Mama Yeyoo was shot in Arusha, Tanzania, and it was the one that elevated Director Nisher's profile for creating impactful visuals in the Tanzanian music scene.

70. Announcement Freestyle - Young Lunya 

Lunya's declaration, "Najivunia Kuwa Mtanzania Na Hii Ndo Local Package Ya Dunia," marked the moment when it became undeniable that Young Lunya had solidified his place in the industry. 

Every aspect of this song, from the lyrics to the energy and delivery, unequivocally established him as the one of the greatest Tanzanian rappers to date. 

71. Baba - Stamina Shorwebwenzi Featuring Professor Jay 

Stamina has a unique talent for crafting songs that resonate with anyone, be it a regular person or even a president. This was evident in his 2021 track titled Baba, a collaboration with Professor Jay, which deeply moved late Tanzanian  President John Pombe Magufuli. 

During his visit to inaugurate the new Channel Ten and Magic Fm studios, President Magufuli personally requested that the song be played, further showing how Stamina Shorwebwenzi pen game is is universally appealing. 

Baba stands as Stamina Shorwebwenzi's most significant hit to date both on Youtube and Boomplay.

72. Zilipendwa - WCB Wasafi 

Released on the same day as Ali Kiba’s Seduce Me, Zilipendwa was the East African version of Mavins Dorobucci. 

The song was a wild departure from the usual WCB Wasafi love songs, instead it evoked a sense of nostalgia, rekindling memories of past fashion, behavior, and trends, beautifully sampling the pop culture of the 1990s. 

73. Ngarenaro  - Dogo Janja 

Dogo Janja's Ngarenaro was a unique fusion, blending Bongo Hip Hop with Reggae in a way that had never been heard before. In the song, Dogo Janja promises his girlfriend a journey to his hometown in Ngarenaro. 

This song released in 2017 enjoyed heavy rotation in Tanzanian media and is one of Dogo Janja’s biggest hits to date.

74. Kinanda - Mesen Selekta 

There’s something so special about Mesen Selekta’s Kinanda, While many may not have grasped its lyrics or message, the infectious beat compelled everyone to dance.

Had this song been released by artists like Harmonize, Ali Kiba, Mbosso, or even Diamond Platnumz himself, its streaming numbers would likely surpass the current 2 million YouTube views it now holds.

75. Nashindwa - Christian Bella 

Over the years, Christian Bella has earned a reputation for his ability of pleasing for love in his songs, and in 'Nashindwa,' he masterfully blended Bongo Flava, Lingala, and a touch of Rhumba to deliver this message. 

Nashindwa , produced by Man Water and released in 2015, is a testament to Bella's ability to make singing seem easy.

76. Roho - Fid Q Ft Christian Bella 

Recent years have seen Fid Q produce no rap love song as solid and hard-hitting as 'Roho,' a 2016 track whose lyrics became widely used as social media captions, particularly by those facing love heartbreak. 

In this song, Christian Bella's sole mission was to infuse a softer touch into Fid Q's rap lines, as he delivered one of his best vocal performances to date.

77. Mapopo - Damian Soul 

Marioo may be the crowned King of Swahili Amapiano, but Damian Soul was a true pioneer with his Amapiano hit Mapopo, which dropped in 2020. 

In Mapopo, Damian Soul showcased his remarkable vocal range, hitting piercing high notes in this uptempo Amapiano track. This song played a pivotal role in demonstrating that Amapiano transcends boundaries and can resonate with diverse audiences.

78. Kontawa - Champion Ft Nay Wa Mitego 

Champion, dropped in 2022, gave the impression that Kontawa emerged from the shadows. However, this rapper had been crafting tunes long before his debut in the mainstream. 

The track resonated with street folks, hustlers, and fellow artists, with Harmonize jumping on the remix a few weeks after its release.

79. Nakula Ujana - Nay Wa Mitego 

Nay Wa Mitego, often recognized as a provocateur and troublemaker, stands out as one of the rare Tanzanian artists unafraid to address social and political matters. 

However, his 2014 release, Nakula Ujana, took a different path from his usual commentary. This time, Nay celebrated partying, women, and having a good time.

80. Lisa - Rapcha 

Among the new generation Tanzanian rappers apart from Kontawa, nobody comes close to Rapcha when it comes to storytelling and this was evident in Rapcha’s 2021 hit Lissa.

Lissa was the turning point that solidified Rapcha's position as a respected rapper today. Addit ionally, the song received a nomination in the Best Music Video category at the 2022 Tanzania Music Awards.

81. Phone - Ben Pol Ft Mr Eazi 

This track hit the scene in 2017, during Mr. Eazi's peak in the African music scene with his hit 'Leg Over,' and the intriguing collaboration between Ben Pol and Mr. Eazi drew significant media attention in Tanzania. 

However, what truly propelled Phone into smash hit territory wasn't solely Mr. Eazi's presence, but rather the song's clever concept, straightforward lyrics, and the captivating vocal synergy shared between the two artists. 

82. Orugambo - Saida Karoli 

The return of the forgotten is the perfect phrase  to use to refer to Orugambo which is Saida Karoli’s comeback hit after years of hiatus from the Tanzanian  music industry. 

Released in 2017 Orugambo became an instant chart-topper even though a lot of fans did not understand the lyrics as the  song was a mixture of Haya and Swahili language with some words borrowed from Darassa’s 2016 hit Muziki.

83. Dear Gambe - Msodoki Young Killer Ft Belle 9 

If you had any inclination / addiction towards alcohol, 'Dear Gambe' , a song released in 2013 was bound to make you reflect on your drinking habits. 

The way that Msodoki Young Killer catered the lyrics resonated with many and Belle 9’s catchy chorus made the whole project irresistibly connect with fans.

84.Chaf Pozi - Billnass 

Billnass might not deliver the hardest lines or bars akin to Fid Q or Joh Makini, but he possesses a unique talent for crafting hit songs that resonate even with non-Hip Hop enthusiasts. This was precisely the case with Chaf Pozi his 2016 hit, where he paid tribute to his street companions. 

The street-centric music video and his repeated chant, 'Hii Ni Kwa Wanangu Wanaoishi Chini Ya Dolla Moja,' underscored his connection to the streets despite his superstar status.

85. NdiNdiNdi - Lady Jay Dee 

In 2016, Lady Jaydee's 'Ndindindi' became an anthem for women looking to break free from toxic relationships. While the song featured one of Lady Jaydee's simplest choruses, it had an irresistibly catchy refrain. 

Notably, the track was released during her association with Rockstar 4000, a label owned by Christine Mosha famously known as Seven. 

86. Huba Hulu - Jay Melody 

The fusion of Indian melodies with Bongo Flava in Huba Hulu, combined with Jay Melody's finely-tuned vocals, created a musical masterpiece that dominated the charts in 2021. 

This song became a TikTok sensation, with countless females participating in the Huba Hulu challenge, flooding our screens with their dance moves and creativity.

87. I Wish -  Kusah 

In 2021, Kusah transitioned from an underrated singer to a Bongo Flava star, largely propelled by his hit song 'I Wish.'

 This romantic track gained immense success in East Africa, owing to Kusah's skillful vocals and Cukie Dady's masterful production.

88. Star - Mabantu 

Mabantu's Star exudes an effortless charm, and that's precisely what makes this song stand out. You don't need a music degree from Berklee College to recognize that Mabantu aimed to conquer the streets with this track, and they managed. 

As Star gained momentum on the streets, its popularity caught the attention of BET Awards winner, Rayvanny, who joined in on the remix.

89. . Gere - Weusi 

The creativity Nahreel poured into Gere, from the intricate shifts in beats to the inclusion of unique instruments like the Marimba, remains vastly underrated. Gere released in 2014  propelled Weusi into the mainstream music scene in Tanzania, expanding their influence beyond Arusha to the whole of Tanzania.

90. Nakomaa Na Jiji - Shilole 

Shilole’s persona is often associated with her Never Giving Up Strong Woman Spirit and she made this very clear in Nakomaa Na Jiji, the song in which she strongly suggests that she is not going back to Igunga her hometown but remain in Dar Es Salaam instead.

Although the Aslay assisted Ukintekenya  boasts higher YouTube numbers, we can't overlook the fact that "Nakomaa Na Jiji" is the cornerstone that made Shilole what she is today.

91. Huendi Mbinguni - Whozu 

Whozu was a career comedian way before he became a singer but what made him famous was his blend of humor and music that was presented to us in his crossover hit Huendi Mbinguni pioneered a distinctive musical style that later artists like Baddest 47 and Mabantu would later adopt.

92. Bado Mapema - Jolie 

In Bado Mapema, Jolie portrays an innocent and vulnerable character, embodying a girl clinging to a toxic relationship. This track stands out as one of the decade's most heart-wrenching love songs. 

The poignant lyrics were expertly penned by her former THT colleague Ibranation, with production skillfully handled by Ringtone.

93. Subalkheri - Nandy & Aslay 

Creating a song so good that it captures the Vice President's attention is not a small feat, but that's precisely what happened with 'Subalkheri.

This romantic melody by Nandy and Aslay not only caught the ear of the then Vice President, Samia Suluhu Hassan, but even led to a delightful dinner invitation. 'Subalkheri' pays homage to Zanzibar's Culture Group, giving it a fresh spin, and emerged as one of Tanzania's standout hits in 2018.

94. Ex Wangu Remix - Hamisa Mobeto Ft Seneta Kilaka 

Seneta Kilaka’s Ex Wangu, in its original form, became a Tiktok anthem, prompting Hamisa Mobeto to collaborate with Seneta for a remix that has now garnered over 9 million views on YouTube. 

The song made Seneta Kilaka a household name in Tanzania and produced Hamisa Mobeto’s biggest hit to data. 

95. Sare - Malaika Ft Mesen Selekta 

Sare, a vibrant fusion of Bongo Flava and Afropop, served as a love anthem, dominating the airwaves throughout 2015. 

It was this track that catapulted Malaika to household fame. However, after following it up with 'Rarua' a few years later, Malaika seemed to vanish from the music industry.

96.Kubali - Lody Music 

Lody Music has so far worked with different heavyweights, the likes of Nandy, Barnaba Classic, Stamina Shorwebwenzi, Moni Centrozone and more but all these collaborations came after he released his smash hit Kubali in 2021. Kubali had minimal promotion upon its release and its one of the very few songs that had minimal promotion, relying solely on its content.

97. Hela - Madee 

It seems like Madee was confident that his fans loved and enjoyed his old hit Pesa. This belief prompted him to release Hela in 2017, another rap track centered around the theme of money. 

Much like Pesa, in Hela, Madee eloquently illustrated the dual impact of money, presenting it in an artistic manner that didn't come across as a stale lecture and the potential negative effects of having dough.

98. Papa - Gigy Money 

Gigy Money's commitment to music was questioned until she surprised everyone with Papa in 2017. This slow, intimate love song, penned by the then-rookie Marioo, instantly became a hit upon its release. 

The buzz around the song grew so much that Tanzania's National Arts Council, BASATA, eventually banned it due to the perceived use of explicit lyrics.

99. Somo - Kassim Mganga 

In Dar Es Salaam around 2017, no Kitchen Party was complete without the sounds of Kassim Mganga's Somo, a Bongo Flava track with a touch of Taarab in which Kassim Mganga beautifully expresses his excitement to his soon to be wife. 

With a simple video, Kassim Mganga's heartfelt lyrics, and Kilimanjaro Band's additional vocals, Somo became a timeless classic, way better than his earlier collaboration with Christian Bella titled Subira. 

100. Usisahau - Timbulo Ft Barakah The Prince 

Usisahau was a collaboration that nobody saw coming and despite its unconventional nature the song, produced by Mr T Touch became a smash hit as it became a recovering anthem for people suffering a love heartbreak. 

Featuring Kenya's Otile Brown in a cameo, the video released in 2016 was filmed in Kenya under the direction of Director Eddy.