Hermy B: Tanzanian Music Executive carrying the music industry on his shoulders


Tanzanian music executive, Hermy B who years back interned at Dr. Dre’s Interscope Records based in the US and received mentorship from the likes of  Bill Halverson, an American producer known for working with different global music heavyweights including Michael Jackson without a doubt deserves all the recognition and credit he now receives

In the Tanzanian music industry, it feels like Hermy B has always been ahead of time and most of all has been a lot of things to a lot of people.

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To Bongo Flava enthusiasts Hermy stands as the CEO of Bxtra Records, to Tanzanian media fanatics he is a revolutionary figure under the EFM Limited while to superstars such as Mwana FA and Country Wizzy, he is recognized as one of the finest music producers that Tanzania has ever had.

It’s 2024 and Jaivah is one of Tanzania’s most sought-after talents. Jaivah is crossing the borders over into East Africa, has multiple hit records such as Pita Kule and Buruda, and collaborations with the crème de la crème of the East African music scene, in summary, Jaivah is having his moment on the sun.

Similarly, legendary Tanzanian rapper and Bxtra Records signee, Country Wizzy recently took center stage, shutting down Kidimbwi Beach in the Bxtra Showcase last December while Meja Kunta is also making his mark, dominating the streets with his infectious Singeli tune, Hassani.

Behind the triumph of these three talents,  is Hermy B, the creative force known for producing one of Bongo Flava's major hits, Habari Ndo Hiyo, and the only Tanzanian producer to ever secure an internship at Dr. Dre's Interscope Records in the US.

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Those who have known Hermy B for a long time, can without a doubt testify that Hermy possesses the unique skill of plucking hidden gems from the streets and propelling them to the forefront of Bongo Flava.

He's the architect behind the rise of numerous Bongo Flava heavyweights, molding the careers of luminaries such as Vanessa Mdee, Mabeste, M Rap, Jaivah, Meja Kunta, and many others.

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Given the amount of talent he has nurtured, the chart-topping hits he's crafted, and his substantial investments in the music industry, there's no question that if Hermy B were situated in the United States, he would command the same level of respect as industry giants like Simon Cowell and Scooter Braun.

In this article, we'll explore the biography and 6 things you should know about Hermy B, a Tanzanian producer and one of the leading music executives in East Africa:

  1. Real Name & Early Life 

Hermy B, originally named Hermes Joachim, started his career in the media industry when he was around the age of 17.

Hermy started his media training at 104 FM, now rebranded as East Africa Radio, and then transitioned to become a DJ and radio presenter for the then-English-exclusive radio station, Classic FM, which has since evolved into Magic FM.

In the later phase of his stint as a presenter at Magic FM, Hermy B made a transition into music production under the mentorship of his colleague at Magic FM. 

Among Hermy B’s initial productions was the track Kina Kirefu by Tanzanian rapper MansuLi.

Following this, Hermy B crossed paths with Mwana FA and AY, supplying them with disks containing his crafted beats. As their friendship blossomed, AY and Mwana FA saw potential in him as a producer, leading to a collaborative effort and finally united forces to craft the hit Habari Ndio Hiyo.

2. Songs Produced By Hermy B

Earning the moniker of a hitmaker, Hermy B is recognized for crafting numerous songs that achieved hit status both within and beyond the borders of Tanzania.

Some of the songs that Hermy B earns credits as a producer include : 

1.Kina kirefu - Mansu Lee

2. Sura ya Mchezo - Mansu Lee

3. Tz Hustler - Mangwair Ft J SON

4. Zigo Remix - AY ft Diamond Platnumz

5. Zigo - AY

6. Habari ndiyo hiyo- AY & Mwana FA 

7. Leo Rmx - AY

8. Microphone - AY ft Fid Q

9. Freeze - AY ft P square

10. Good look - AY ft Miss. Trinity

11. Naongea na Wewe - Mwana FA

12. Ahsanteni kwa kuja - Mwana FA

13. Bado nipo nipo kwanza- Mwana FA

14. Nangoja ageuke - Mwana FA

15. Unanijua unanisikia - Mwana FA

16. Msiache kuongea - Mwana FA Ft Lady Jay Dee 

17. Nazeeka sasa -Mwana FA ft Chid Beenz, AY 

18. Nazeeka sasa rmx - Mwana FA ft Sugu, Jay

19. Turn up - Country Wizzy ft Mwana FA

20. Jela, Kifo, Umma, Taasisi - Langa

21. Closer - Vanessa Mdee 

22. Go Baby - Cherry

23. Press Play - DJ Choka 

24. Hata Sielewi - Mwana FA 

25. BMS - Gosby .

3. Career Background 

In addition to his musical expertise, Hermy B holds a degree in Animal Science from the Sokoine University of Agriculture, widely known as SUA.

Notably, he made history as the first Tanzanian selected for an internship at Interscope Records, owned by the legendary Dr. Dre, showcasing his diverse talents on an international platform.

4. Founding B Hitz 

In 2008, Hermy B laid the foundation for B Hitz, a recording studio that evolved into the birthplace of numerous Tanzanian hit songs. During its peak, B Hitz nurtured talents like Gosby, Mabeste, M Rap, and the then-emerging star Vanessa Mdee.

Notably, alongside Hermy B, Pancho, and Amani were instrumental producers within the label.

B Hitz also served as a trailblazer, paving the way for numerous studios in Dar Es Salaam to venture into crafting soundtracks for films, documentaries, and corporate advertisements.. 

5. Revamping B Hitz to Bxtra Records 

In 2022, Hermy B revitalized Bxtra Records, introducing a fresh artist roster featuring talents like Meja Kunta, Country Wizzy, Cherry, and Jaivah. 

This revamped Bxtra Records serves as an enhanced successor to B Hitz and operates under the umbrella of its parent company, Bxtra Global which hosts two additional record labels, namely Arc Music and Uswazi Born Entertainment

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6. Hermy B’s Influence on the Music Industry 

Heralded as a legendary music producer, Hermy has leveraged his influence to advocate for music producers' rights in Tanzania. Through numerous interviews and media engagements, this music executive has consistently spoken out on the fair distribution of royalties to producers.

Additionally, Hermy B stands as one of the pioneers in commercializing Singeli music. Operating under his imprint Bxtra Global, specifically through Uswazi Born Talent, he has fervently championed Singeli artists like Man Fongo and Seneta Kilaka, striving to secure them mainstream recognition..