Bensoul Releases New EP 'Medicine'


Bensoul Releases New EP 'Medicine'

Bensoul's "Medicine" EP cover art

Bensoul's "Medicine" EP cover art

Sol Generation singer, Bensoul now releases his highly anticipated sophomore EP, "Medicine".

The four track EP, comprises of soulful jams including ‘Medicine’, ‘Ntala Nawe’, ‘Stereo’ and ‘Sugar Rush’ which take us back to the good old days when we all enjoyed classical Kenyan pop music.

Bensoul takes us through the journey of true love with each song delivering a distinct soulful feel while highlighting his authentic lyrical ability.

‘Medicine’ which is the first song in the EP and also the album title, is an upbeat love song, in which Bensoul says that he has been found to be ailing from a disease of love, and goes ahead to attribute her love to be his cure.

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The second song ‘Ntala Wewe’ is a slow soulful jam, with haunting lyricism about love. Here we see Bensoul encouraging his love not to be worried because tomorrow he may make it. Once he makes it he promises to eat with her because she stuck with him through good and bad times.

‘Stereo’; builds up the tempo, taking us back to classical Kenyan pop music. In this song, Bensoul celebrates his love, as he insists that he has found a good person whose love is so sweet like stereo.

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The  last song in the EP ‘Sugar Rush’, is a nostalgic love song with a storyline about an enduring love. Bensoul compares his long term lover to a sugar rush as he reminds her how far they have come and insists that after all this time, when the sun sets, the moon will announce how much he loves her.

Medicine EP is available for streaming and downloads across all major digital platforms.

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