Will Peruzzi Successfully Put An End To Snide Remarks With A Hit Song?


Will Peruzzi Successfully Put An End To Snide Remarks With A Hit Song?

On Sunday night when everyone should normally be preparing for bed, it was reported that DMW signee Peruzzi got in a skirmish with popular social media influencer Pamilerin. Actually, reports stated that Peruzzi had his bouncers hold Pamilerin down while he administered a slap to the digital media guru over a tweet he (Pamilerin) tweeted sometime in January.

In no time, Twitter was set ablaze. Opinions were being thrown around recklessly as usual. Nothing excites Nigerians as much as ruckus. Many social media users took sides without hearing from both sides. Some believed that Peruzzi was only bitter because Pamilerin chose Teni over him while others were convinced that Pamilerin deserved whatever happened to him because of his contentious tweets.

Peruzzi was called all sorts of names and was heavily trolled. According to those who took the side of Pamilerin, Peruzzi is nothing but an upcoming artist who has been unable to make a hit song without being featured. They attributed all of his success to his fortunate alliance with Davido and Chioma.

As much as I have a lot to say about what transpired between Pamilerin and Peruzzi, I've made a resolve not to pass any comments. It's a sensitive issue and it's best to avoid making brash comments. If I were allowed to pass judgment, however, I would say there's no excuse for what Peruzzi did. He shouldn't have hit Pamilerin no matter what the situation was.

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However, this write-up is more about the DMW act Peruzzi as an artist than the controversies he's been involved in. I'm concerned about the things that are being said about him and his career as a musician. Yes, Peruzzi hasn't quite made a solo hit song but is it as bad as people are saying? Of course not.

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We can all testify to Peruzzi's talent. It is hypocritical and deceitful to say otherwise. Peruzzi is an amazing singer and songwriter. The song that introduced him to the limelight - For Your Pocket - showed us that the young musician is a good composer and has potential to become one of the most revered acts in the Nigerian music industry. He made a remix with Davido and the song further blew beyond proportion.

Truly, he has only proved himself on songs as a featured act. When he jumped on 2face's Amaka, he was Merlin with the touch of magic. His contribution to the song made it a chart-topping jam. He replicated this magic on DMW's Mind and Aje. Peruzzi quickly garnered attention and the audience began to wait on him to drop a hit song in his own name. He dropped Mata sometime in March 2018 but music lovers looked the other way as the song made almost no impact.

Even though Peruzzi couldn't get a hit song, he kept killing features. He was also performing at several shows and this probably shifted his focus so much that he stopped putting efforts into making a hit song. Teni, on the other hand, already had a catalogue of hit songs including Askamaya, Wait, Fargin, Case, and more.

When Teni won the Artist of the Year award at Soundcity MVP Awards, Peruzzi took to his Twitter to rant. It was unethical but it wasn't unexpected. Peruzzi put in work in 2018 but Teni deserved it more. She had a better breakout and a score of banging hits. It was a no-brainer.

Peruzzi DMW

Peruzzi DMW

Peruzzi dropped a body of work toward the end of December. It was an EP named Heartwork. Personally, I love the EP. It showed Peruzzi's exceptional songwriting ability and his musical adroitness. He majorly worked with DMW in-house producers Fresh VDM and Speroach Beatz on the project. The EP contained hot songs like Majesty, Champion Lover, Bleed.

I would say that the EP was an impressive body of work. But it didn't quite make the mark that was expected of it. Many music lovers and social media users still clamored for a hit song. Earlier this year, Peruzzi revealed that he had collaborated with various acts including Wande Coal, Tiwa Savage, Niniola as well as different producers like Sarz, Shizzi, Northboi.

Working with blazing hot street pop act Zlatan Ibile, Peruzzi dropped his first single of the year Bayi Bayi. It was a decent jam yet Peruzzi received little to no credit. This can be said to be the adverse effect of setting high standards because of his input as a featured act. No one is willing to cut him any slack and he's been bashed severely on social media.

If only the DMW artist would drop a song that would change the notion that people have of him. He wouldn't have to engage trolls or suffer the brunt of their attack.

Or will the highly-anticipated video for Majesty help the song gain more attention and become the game changer?