Start Your Week Right With These 5 Nuggets From Adekunle Gold's IRE


How Golden can Adekunle Gold get?

IRE by Adekunle Gold is nothing but a masterpiece that speaks to everyone who has in one way or the other struggled for their dreams, doing different things for their path to get greener and all Adekunle Gold is saying here is what you are looking for is already yours.

The song opens with the happy images of Adekunle Gold and his friends including Simi and Falz and the first lines threw us straight into a rewind mode as he flashes back to his life and some things he has done to get to where he is today.

In this post, we'll be showing you five moods to activate to get your hustling right this week and going forward with IRE by Adekunle Gold.

1. The grass is greener on the other side:

Yea, Obvious right? I like the fact that Adekunle Gold started the song with these words. Can sometimes sound cliche, but guess what? It is the thought that we all have no matter how we hear these words. We always feel it is working better for our friends or other people around us than it is working for us especially with social media that makes everything other than your life seems like the best thing, but guess what? That shouldn't be your problem because the grass isn't on your side, isn't that why it is called "the other side?"

The grass is greener on the other side

That's what I thought before I took the ride

You hear that that thought was before he took the ride and realized that nobody is grooving every single time and the green grass didn't just grow up green.

2. Focus on You

The first point led me here, be focused on you. See you the most and everything that has to do with you and who you are, be so focused on your life that the only way you're looking at other people is to learn from them so you can apply to your life. In Adekunle's Ire, you'll hear the artiste saying he never knew what he was looking for has been right in front of him. Not knowing is sometimes because we don't focus. When we focus on who we are, we learn more about ourselves, unlearn things about ourselves we don't want and relearn new things to help us move farther in life. What we want is right in front of you but if you don't focus on yourself enough to know yourself and the ability y you possess to unlock that great thing in you, then that greatness might as well just stare at you forever.

3. Water your path:

Some of us do focus, but that is all we do. We focus. and sometimes we focus too much and start seeing what we do not have. Don't just look at your life, that isn't what Adekunle Gold's IRE is saying and the first line of the second verse proved that to be right.

The grass is greener when you water the ground

That's what I found when I took the ride

Here Adekunle talks about his experience as he embarks on the journey to be great and how for anything to be as great as you want it to be you have to do your part and water the grass so it can look as healthy as you want. Adekunle Gold constantly popped on our radar as that Photoshop king that'll create visions of how he wants to be known using other people's character not even merging his photos with photos of great people and while we laughed at it, some criticized it, he was working his way to our hearts through his work and talent. He has talent, plenty of it, but he came in through the one the world wants and that made his songs accessible to us all.  We have to learn to put in the work like we've seen Adekunle and not just look at our lives, knowing what we want but being scared to go after it, because guess what? Nothing bad happens when you go after your dream, but two things that are liable to happen are... You either fail at it or succeed doing it. Failing at it isn't a bad thing if you understand that failure is simply your learning curve to not do what you've done the way you did it. Right here, your only job is to work hard at it because a time will come and just like Adekunle Gold you'll realize that those mountains you thought you've been climbing were mere sands compared to the greater mountains in front of you. Those little things you've been doing in your life, getting busy and staying on the grind will eventually pay off and has a role to play in the greater picture if only you just work at it.

4. Be at peace With Yourself:

We're all guilty of this. We have a vision of how great we are meant to be in life and we start troubling ourselves trying to achieve everything all that once and bother our lives when things don't work out the way we planned, but like Adekunble said;

I didn't know I already have the answers

No, i didn't know

For if I had known

The life I was searching for

Is Looking me right in the eye o

Hw calm would you be if you knew that that hit you want to release will certainly come only if you focus on you and just work on your craft... do you know how relaxed we'll be? Guess we don't know for a reason, so that we can work hard but if you are working as hard as you can, then let that be the work you do and be at peace with what would happen because tomorrow you'll repeat the same lines Adekunle Gild is repeating for truth is, sometimes your breakthrough will come so surprising you'll ask yourself "Why did I do all those things I shouldn't have done all those years?" "Why did I take that job that was no way I line with what I want or have?" "Why did I allow myself to be used by people unnecessarily?" "why did I stress myself so wrongly when I could've been investing in myself the right way?" That time will come when we'll be filled with these questions that we might not even have answers to, but one thing we should remember when those questions pop into our head is that all those things we consider unnecessarily are usually the things that eventually bring us to our necessary step. So in all we do, let's listen to IRE and be calm because the life you're searching for, is looking right in front of you and all you have to do is build yourself to get there, do the work but be calm while at it because the life is already yours.

5. When it's time, IRE surely Beckons!

Ire Ire Ire

Ire Ire Ayo

Oun kpe me o

In the end, IRE beckons. It calls you home, It takes you back to your default setting, but you don't really go back to default, you go back with so much experience than how you started. We've heard series of people who have done odd jobs only to become popular through Instagram for just enjoying themselves and doing what they love, who could've thought?

So at the end of the day, IRE beckons, but only if you work at it.

Your breakthrough will come, but nothing breaks without a force either internal or external, so be your force and push that dream out. Let Adekunle's IRE speak to you and as you enjoy it, get yo' grind on and water your grass so that it can inspire others to water theirs.

Have a fruitful week guys!

Listen to "Ire"