The Top 5 Songs of Jidenna


The Top 5 Songs of Jidenna

Theodore Morrison popularly known as Jidenna, the ‘’CHIEF’’ has been a mainstay in the hearts of many music lovers around the world since his first official single ‘’Classic Man’’ was released in February 2015. The Classic Man who has dazzled us all with more classic releases ever since is definitely one of the best artistes of his generation.

The suave, stylish and classic singer has of course released several outstanding records since his first single, and we decided to look through his two released albums to pick our top 5 songs of Jidenna.

Here are the ones that we love the most:

  1. There’s no way it can be number one. “ Classic man” defines Jidenna style

2. Yes! Classic Man remix with Kendrick Lamar was fire, it sure had to be on the list.

3. At number three we just need a “Little bit more

4. We got heartbroken when we heard about “Bambi”  Didn’t you?

5. And yes “ Long live the Chief”


Share with us, which one is your favourite Jidenna’s song of all time?