Want The Best Bass Tuned Earbuds Ever? Try oraimo's Freepods Pro

oraimo’s dominance in the smart accessories space within and outside the country cannot be denied. Years of consistently churning out high-quality mobile smart accessories have solidified its spot as a leading technological innovation giant in Nigeria. One of its more popular innovations is the FreePods - earbuds with a difference.


Last year, oraimo released the FreePods 3, which garnered a lot of excitement and acceptance due to its high-quality sound and noise reduction feature. This year, oraimo has taken the game to a whole new level with the all-new FreePods Pro.

Oraimo's Freepods Pro Bass Tuned Earbuds
oraimo's Freepods Pro

In designing and creating the FreePods Pro, oraimo has gone over and beyond by adopting advanced technological innovations to provide users with the best earphone experience. The company made several significant upgrades as well as adding new features. Top among these are the Pro-Hybrid Active noise cancellation (ANC) and an upgrade to oraimo’s signature HavyBass™ sound technology.

The FreePods Pro hybrid ANC technology enables users to have quiet listening experiences, especially in very noisy situations like train rides, bus rides, or while on a flight. You can shut everything out while you immerse yourself in some excellent music to help you relax, think or work. Its noise reduction effect has a depth of up to 35dB.

And if you would like to use both the earbuds and remain aware of your immediate surroundings, you can use the transparency feature, which allows you to have short conversations without taking off the FreePods Pro.

Of course, oraimo’s signature HavyBass sound has been significantly improved upon in the FreePods Pro. This will be a popular feature amongst users who enjoy listening to the popular Afrobeat music genre. HavyBass offers the best sound quality. Not surprising because oraimo partnered with Sound Engineers from Harman Kardon to tune the sound, giving it a clean, clear sound with the right balance of treble and bass.

One of the legends in the Nigerian music scene and an oraimo Brand Ambassador, 2baba, has also put his stamp of approval on the FreePod Pro’s sound quality. He worked together with the oraimo team to tune the sound such that it makes for a superb listening experience for lovers of Afrobeats.

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