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Many believe that, at the moment, the esteemed position of being rated as Nigeria's No. 1 female vocalist is still up for grabs. Some have tried and failed. Others have made an impact, but not strong enough to win them that overwhelming support in terms of attaining such status. We, at, believe there's a strong candidate on board, and she goes by the name... SLK! Here's a short interview which gives us a bit more info on this unsung talent...

Well, first off, going straight to the point... Tell us a little about yourself. Who is SLK?

SLK is a Nigerian-born female R & B Artiste. My music genre is a mixture of pure R & B and an indigenious feel from the Nigerian culture/dialect, like the Yoruba language & Pidgin English. The name 'SLK' is an acronym taken from the initials of my real name, Ayo-Amu Susan Edelokun. I hail from Benin City, Edo State. Been singing since the tender age of 9, but I started professionally in 1999, then entered the entertainment mainstream in 2006.

Ever since I heard "O Ju Ife Lo" a couple of years back, I've been keenly awaiting your emergence in the industry. However, (it seems) you went AWOL right after the song dropped... and then only recently re-appeared with "Darlin." What's been happening behind the scene? Why the long delay between both singles?

O Ju Ife Lo


When I released "O Ju ife", I was doing a lot of shows and travelling. True, I went 'under' though not a deliberate act. There were a number of factors that contributed to the non-continuity at the time, but those were trying times & it's been hard, but I guess the watch-word for me has been 'keep on moving'. It's not been so smooth since I've not been under any record label after the release of O Ju Ife Lo, but I thank God that I'm here now. And not to mention the frustrations of the industry, but the Nigerian spirit is 'never give up!'

Wise words! Your new single/video is now gaining airplay both home and abroad, with the likes of AIT UK also airing the video on a consistent basis. The song received very good reviews here on and the rest of the online community, so its safe to say it's already a hit. How do you come up with such deep, hearthwarming lyrics to your love songs? Personal experiences?? *wink*


First off, you guys are not just ok! You pull it off anytime, and I'm thankful that you took this upon yourselves to push my stuff. Big ups to AIT UK, and everyone who's made SLK a reality, bringing me and my music to the people worldwide. That said, back to the 'hearthwarming lyrics'... 🙂 , If I said I've never had such experiences, that would be like saying I've never had a boyfriend. But then, 90% of the time an artiste writes or sings about stuff, there's a good chance it has happened to them or to others. My words are deep and I love to make a meaning out of what I do or say, so the recipient or listener understands what I'm saying and can plug into the music, u know... just connect. If I can achieve that, then thats a whole lot. So, subconsciously/consciously, I was inspired by real experiences for the song 'darlin'. It's one of those songs that tells of an everyday thing; relationships turn sour every now and then.

I understand you're currently under Illbliss' Goretti Company management. With the kind of well-deserved exposure you're now getting on TV, have you been approached by any major record label in Nigeria yet? If not... somebody shoot me! If yes, what's still holding you back from getting signed??

[laughs] Actually, I have been approached by Yes Records for a deal, but that's not working out right now. So, I'm still on my own, with help coming in from a few supporters for the time being. I was under 2tyte Records owned by Shifi of Styl-Plus and Sunky. So dude, I'm open to any mouthwatering deal, if the opportunity comes... 🙂 .

slk3Oh ok. Well, let's hope the disappointment of things not working out with Yes Records only makes the likes of Obi Asika (Storm Records), Don Jazzy (Mo'Hits Records) or Kenny Ogungbe (Kennis Music) eventually read this and say Yes! to you, seeing that all the major labels lack that female power in the vocal field. Besides, it is believed that the spot for Nigeria's No. 1 homegrown female singer is still vacant... and you perfectly fit the bill.

That said, have you started working on an album?

Well, point of correction! There was no disappointment from Yes Records; just that I was approached and he wasn't being straight. There was no clear direction as to what was on ground or required, so i declined. But, like you said, I hope the big shots get to see this interview and say 'Yes!' [laughs]. I'd be thrilled to occupy that Number 1 spot.

Yes, there's an already recorded album. I'll be hitting the studio soon to finalise some pending jobs with Micworks Productions, so hopefully it will drop soon.

Correction duly noted. Now, to the "We Are Free" track with Tolu Okeowo, all the way from the United Kingdom. How did you guys pull it off inspite of the distance?

Hmmm... ''We Are Free!'' That song is most definitely one of my fave songs ever recorded. Tolu Okeowo was here in Nigeria, and at the time he was around, we made music together & it was great! There's a compilation album "The perfect Progression" that features me and a host of other artistes. It's been released in the UK. I have ''We Are Free'' and ''Dreams'' on that album. So, the two tracks were recorded in Nigeria, before he moved to settle down in the UK.

We Are Free with Tolu Okeowo. Buy here.


Finally, do you have anything you wish to share with your fans and well-wishers? Any last words?

Well, Ovie, thanks for having me. On that note, I'd like to say thanks to all my fans, well-wishers and supporters. I'm really grateful! I won't be here if it wasn't for you guys. Thanks to the notjustOk crew and everybody who's blasting my video and songs out there. I'm gonna keep the flame up.