Niniola Brags on Smirnoff InfamousMix - “Women Are More Talented Than Men”


Smirnoff, the world’s number 1 vodka, put Niniola, Queen of Afro-House music on the spot and she delivered in grand style in the popular Smirnoff InfamousMix Series


Niniola Brags on Smirnoff InfamousMix


As a featured guest on the second episode of the hit YouTube series, Smirnoff's infamousMix, Niniola dived into hot topics shout the Nigerian music industry with show host, Top Boy, DJ Spinall. Over delicious Smirnoff X1 cocktails, the duo debated Niniola’s discography, her opinion on clout-chasing and women in the music industry, and a lot more.

Niniola on Smirnoff InfamousMix

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Critiquing the desire for public approval, a timeless performer, Niniola noted:

When you bring your problems to public court, you lead people to dig up dirt about you. What then do you gain? There is life after the period of trending. What happens to you after that? You need to be careful as an artist so you’re not damaged goods.

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Smirnoff InfamousMix Niniola

The conversation got spicy when Niniola championed the power of women in an industry dominated by male performers. She said,

Women are hardworking. We commit a lot, we have to worry about performance, stylists, makeup, hair and the likes, which often requires a lot of funding. It can be tough to handle for many women that’s why I always say yes to women who approach me for features. Beyond my job I do it because we need to celebrate women at all time and make sure they are not taken advantage of. I also always advise managers, musicians and promoters to give women opportunities because most women are more talented than men.

Smirnoff InfamousMix is a refreshing initiative by Smirnoff to encourage consumers to break away from the ordinary with deliciously unconventional interactions in an atmosphere free of judgment.

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DJ Spinall Smirnoff InfamousMix

Smirnoff InfamousMix


Smirnoff InfamousMix Niniola

The exciting series continues with much more fun conversations between DJ Spinall and other favorites from the Nigerian music scene. To watch the full episode of Niniola on Smirnoff InfamousMix, Kindly visit Smirnoff Nigeria on YouTube or listen onAudiomack.

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