MC Galaxy And Etinosa Saga: Why Is All The Blame Going To The Singer?

In terms of publicity, there’s no limit to what some artists or celebrities will do to capture people’s attention. In the world of social media where there are various activities occurring simultaneously, thereby cutting short the attention span of many, people (artists/celebrities) go the extra length to do desperate things in order to trend or direct attention toward themselves.

One of the most effective ways of gaining the attention of people is to throw in a financial incentive or basically anything that’s highly rewarding namely giveaways. So far, it has been the most effective form of marketing campaign. Several brands make use of giveaways all the time to connect with their audience and customers.

Some weeks back, Nigerian singer MC Galaxy was heavily criticized by many fans and social media users for asking girls to go naked on Instagram live for a certain amount of money. A number of celebrities including Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham condemned the singer for supporting and promoting the nudity of women.

MC Galaxy

Although MC Galaxy came out to state that he never asked his fans or anyone to go naked or strip themselves on Instagram live for money. According to him, he usually does Instagram live videos every Friday to connect with his fans. He claimed that he does it to provide an avenue for people to show off their skills; singing, rapping, dancing. He placed no price tag on it at first but after being impressed by a lady, he gifted her N20,000.

This continued for some time and the Sekem hitmaker regularly rewarded anyone who did something outstanding until a lady joined the live video naked. MC Galaxy revealed that he ended the video out of fear, but after his fans bombarded the comment section that they wanted her, he allowed the lady to call back. As a matter of fact, one of the singer’s friends promised to give the girl who danced naked N50,000. And that was how it began.

MC Galaxy

Controversy stirred on Saturday morning when social media users took to their various platforms to attack MC Galaxy because an actress, Etinosa, joined his Instagram live video naked. Many people censured him and placed all the blame on him for not ending the video. In the video, the actress could be seen and heard saying that MC Galaxy should not end the video.

Now, I’m not in support of MC Galaxy or Etinosa or the idea of going nude live on Instagram. The entirety of the situation is a wankfest. As much as they are both denying it, it’s obvious they did it for the publicity. Is there a problem with that? Maybe. But is it illegal? Of course not. They are adults and they both made a decision without anyone being coerced. Some people believed that Etinosa was drunk which was possibly what influenced her decision to go naked, pushing all the blame to the MC Galaxy. The actress has, however, discarded such claims, stating that she was in her sane mind.

What upsets me most is that MC Galaxy has been called all sorts of names. He has been bashed terribly as if he’s the only person to be blamed. Etinosa has incessantly said that she went nude live on her own accord. She even commented on the singer's page, informing him that she was going to strip on his Instagram live video. It's not far-fetched to think that it was planned between them. Why then is no one holding her accountable? Is it impossible to put the blame on the both of them? Both MC Galaxy and Etinosa are culpable and should be criticized. It is counterintuitive to hold one party responsible for something that involves two parties.

We need to do better as a people. Our standards are ridiculous and we ought to be more pragmatic in our judgment. Etinosa should be blamed as much as MC Galaxy.

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