Majek Fashek Is Not Dead; Check Out These 5 Legendary Songs

Majek Fashek

Majek Fashek

There have been recent rumors that legendary Reggae musician Majek Fashek has died. However, the singer's manager, Uzoma Day Omenka, has squelched such rumors that the singer is dead, in a video shot in front of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in London.

In the video that was posted on Instagram, the manager said;

"For those praying for Majek, I want to say your prayers are working as he is improving by the day. He his not dead, the least he needs now his death rumour, “He needs your prayers and finance to get better, we need help…”



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Good day everyone,the is to confirm to all fans of the number 1 African living legendary Majek Fashek is very Sick as we are currently at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolich in England .Sorry this Mesage came late and let Us all support him with prayers as we also Really Need support financially for upkeep. More updates with videos and pics will be uploaded soonest. Jah bless and 1 love

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Majek Fashek, whose real name is Majekodunmi Fasheke, remains one of the most successful Reggae musicians that have come out of Nigeria. He rose to prominence in the eighties and nineties and have been often times compared with the legendary Bob Marley.
Majek Fashek

Majek Fashek

Although the Rainmaker (as he's popularly known) has been battling with some personal and health issues for quite sometime now. He has been absent from the music industry for a while.
Today is a good day to be reminded of some of his legendary songs.

So Long

Majek Fashek dominated for a considerable amount of time and So Long signifies the peak of his career as a Nigerian Reggae musician. On the song, he attacked white supremacy, singing with passion;

"They say you are black (you believe)/They say you are brown (you believe)/ They say they are white/ But the holy angels of Jah are white now."

Send Down The Rain

Send Down The Rain was one 0f the standout songs from his debut album Prisoner of Conscience. The song immediately became the anthem of the people on its release. In fact, there's a myth that Majek Fashek made the song during a dry season in the North, and that it started raining shortly after.

Holy Spirit

It was not long after Majek Fashek released Holy Spirit that he received international acclaim. Holy Spirit, which was on the Spirit of Love album, is considered to be spiritual.

Free Mandela

As someone who makes conscious music, Majek Fashek joined several Nigerian musicians to campaign for the freedom of South African hero Nelson Mandela.

I Come From The Ghetto

Majek Fashek tells the story of his background and upbringing on I Come From The Ghetto. He sings about where he was brought up in and the struggle.