The “I Listen to Afrobeats” Starter Pack


Afrobeats is an international sound. It has gotten placement on prime time US and UK radio and major artists like Fetty Wap, Drake, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Kid Ink, Tyga, Swizz Beatz, Trey Songz, Meek Mill, and Akon have been featured on afrobeats tunes. At this rapid trajectory, it can only get bigger. This growth will likely attract more fans and stans alike. Music is so powerful that it does not only embody a sound, but a culture and lifestyle as well. Each genre falls victim to its caricatures or stereotypes. For example, reggae listeners may be labeled as wearing beanies, tie dye shirts, and smoking marijuana, just as fans of rap may be associated with gold chains and pendants, caps with the brim facing backward, and sagging pants. Although afrobeats is new on the scene, it has acquired its stigmas as well.


1. Dashiki
As far as clothing goes, the dashiki is probably the most popular it item of 2016. If you want to impress your African friends and seem a little more cultured, purchase a dashiki ASAP! Purchasing multiple colors awards the wearer extra cool points. Even if you cannot count on your hand the number of African artists you know, wearing the dashiki will have people assuming you’re a veteran listener of afro-sounds.

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2. African Inspired Jewelry
There are few better ways to prove you listen to afrobeats than rocking African-inspired jewelry. Whether you have been a listener since the days of the Mohits empire or just began paying attention when Wizkid appeared on Drake's "Once Dance," these are must-have accessories to prove to your friends and, of course, yourself, that you are down for the movement. Whether you wear a bracelet, necklace, waist beads, or all of the above, you will get your point across.

Baoyi-Jewelry-New-Africa-Map-Wooden-Hip-hop-Wooden-Pendant-Piece-Wood-Bead-Chain-Good-Wood-Style-for-Men-0 Baoyi-Jewelry-New-Africa-Map-Wooden-Hip-hop-Wooden-Pendant-Piece-Wood-Bead-Chain-Good-Wood-Style-for-Men-0-1 Vintage-Egypt-Pharaoh-font-b-Necklace-b-font-Pendant-font-b-GOOD-b-font-font-b31ZywrwNlmL._SY300_b-faso-2-00-ea-min-50


3. African Inspired Tattoos
Tattoos are not for everybody because of their permanent nature. However, they are a testament of devotion to a person, symbol, or idea. African inspired tattoos are the equivalent of a megaphone turned up to the maximum volume blaring “I LOVE afrobeats.” Any doubters of your dedication to afrobeats music will be forced to retract their doubts. Little do they know, you just started listening yesterday and are still a learner.

egyptian-art-tattoo I-love-Africa-in-African-outline-map-with-text-Once-you-go-black-you-never-go-back-tattoo-on-back tumblr_m1evosb62f1qgndklo1_1280


4. Body Paint
Body paint is not only reserved for art students, models at photoshoots, and Afropunk festivals participants, but for newfound afrobeats listeners. Body paint gives off the impression that the “canvas” or wearer is in tune with their Afrocentric roots. The effect of wearing body paint is so powerful that passer byers already know what music the person is listening to without even hearing it. You could be blasting punk rock, but it will be assumed that "Pana" is being played.

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5. Beats By Dre Headphones
These headphones are not only reserved for celebrities, musicians recording in the studio, or professional basketball players like Lebron James, but for lovers of music alike. The ensemble is not complete for the newfound fan trying to prove I listen to afrobeats, until they put on a pair of Beats by Dre headphones. These headphones certify that all wearers are hypebeasts of whatever the wave is. It just so happens to be that the current wave is afrobeats.

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