Play 'Don't Dull Remix' by Wizkid ft Akon | Leak


The rumours are true! There is a "Don't Dull Remix" with Akon and you can listen to his verse below. A few months ago, word got out that Wizkid and Akon were working on "something special". We later heard that "Don't Dull Remix" was already recorded but there was no set release date. A few hours ago, this snippet surfaced on the homie DJ Fresh's (of JamJam & Fresh Show) blog and twitter has not been the same since then.

'Don't Dull Remix' by Wizkid ft Akon
Wizkid and Akon

Obviously this isn't the final version; it seems Wizkid will record his own fresh verse for the official remix. Omo... this is MASSIVE! ...and AKON is a BOSS! Wizkid is on the verge of being a global superstar oh!

Shout-out to Samklef for making this killer beat.

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