Is Fireboy DML's 'What If I Say' The Suitable Song To Follow Up 'Jealous'?


Have you listened to Fireboy DML's song What If I Say?

From time to time, I like to make analysis of things that I have interest in. Music sits atop whatever list I can manage to scribble. I have friends who make music as well as those working in the music industry. We discuss different things, from emerging artists coming up with new sounds to the latest cinematographer doing things in a uniquely different way.

The music industry is moving at such a fast pace. It is possible that if you are not actively invested in the industry, you are experiencing content overload. Artists are churning out content at such a high rate and as much as it looks like the audience can’t take so much, they are ever ready to pay attention if it’s worthwhile.

One of my most recent observations which I discussed with a couple of people is what’s at stake for Fireboy DML as he’s about to drop a new song. He has one of the biggest songs out and it’s no doubt that he’s likely to win Rookie of the Year at this year's Headies. I must admit, I’m a bit worried for Fireboy. This is not to say I don’t believe in his talent, but that expectations are high and he might succumb to the pressure. It is my worry; however, it doesn’t determine the true state of things.

Let me explain in detail what my concern is. Fireboy DML’s Jealous is timeless. It’s the kind of song that would hold value in years to come. Just like Wande Coal’s Ololufe or Black Magic’s Repete. Now, it means a standard has been set albeit unwittingly. With every passing day, Jealous keeps getting bigger. We know that it’s not going to be easy to trump that especially when people are hoping your follow-up single is as big, if not bigger. It is almost as if the fate of your career is dependent on that.

Fireboy DML song

Fireboy DML

Many other artists who have found themselves in the stage in which Fireboy DML currently is mostly cave in to the pressure. The expectations from people become so massive that the artist gets crushed eventually. It happens that when the song that made the artist a superstar begins to dwindle, there is no other material from them making waves or one that can convince music lovers to remain loyal. It’s something that we have seen too many times.

Since Fireboy DML announced that he’ll be dropping a new song, there’s this nagging anxiety I’ve been feeling. The song was released in the early hours of Friday and I slept with it playing in the background. If I were to sum it up in a concise sentence, I’d simply say What If I Say is a fantastic song. Listening to the song all night felt like sleeping half-naked to your lover in a beach house, where the air is crisp and the sky is delightful.

Fireboy DML song

Fireboy DML

Surely, there are those who have already taken to their Twitter to say that Fireboy DML's What If I Say is not the desired follow-up song to Jealous. It’s not unusual to think like that. If only they would understand that it is better not to judge the song with the same standards as Jealous. It makes more sense to drop the lens with which they perceive Jealous and *allow* themselves to enjoy the song without comparison. On the other hand, there are those who are already obsessed with the song and can't stop playing it. It's exciting to see.

The video for What If I Say is a piece of artwork and has racked more than 170k views on YouTube. The captivating visuals is sure to make you appreciate the song more. Also, you find yourself relating to Fireboy DML - a young man who is smitten by a lady and can only express himself with music. Maybe you’re not a musician, but the lyrics are words and that’s how we, as humans, express ourselves.

Fireboy DML is a rare talent. Since he signed to YBNL (and before that) he has been nothing short of outstanding. He continues to mature as a singer and songwriter, and is willing to familiarize himself with sounds that are unlike the mainstream sounds yet can resonate with an audience.

I can boast to anyone that Fireboy DML is here to stay and What If I Say is, indeed, a lovely song.